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Pokemon Grape

Hack of Pokémon: Red Version


Welcome to the Region of Frejo!

It’s 1999 and you will impersonate a former baseball player who has to participate in a deadly competition for the ownership of the Pokémon League that may avoid a war between two regions, Frejo and Kelgo. On top of that, some survivors from Team Rocket who had fled Kanto after the failed Silph Coup, have migrated there and joined a secret cult in order to interfere in this competition and start some nasty plot! Will you save the World, conquer the title of ultimate Pokémon master and unveil all the dozens of secrets hidden around?

Pokémon Grape is a unique gaming experience, a different version altogether. It is unique in the fact that it features THREE quests: the First Quest (up to the Pokémon League), the Second Quest (post-league) AND the mysterious Secret Quest (intertwined between the two).

Some of the MANY features that you will eventually come across:

  • Explore the Region of Frejo AND the Region of Kelgo, each with its distinct Town Map! Frejo alone is way bigger than Kanto. Multiple backtracking and open-world alike Region;
  • You can explore Kelgo and its maps which include: two cities, a fully functional Hot Spring, a Route, a Port and two dungeons. You can travel across the two regions by land, via Magnet Train or via Fast Ship;
  • You can catch all the 248 Pokémon species featured in this game, including pokémon from generations ranging from the First to the Sixth and even get a couple new Fakémon;
  • 11 Legendary Pokémon, the new ones even feature their own special event – notably Mew under the truck at the Port & Ho-Oh like in FireRed-LeafGreen;
  • New types, for a total amount of 25 types: from the canonical Dark, Steel and Fairy to Light, Bone, Sound, Wood, Atom, Wind & Gas;
  • A multitude of completely new ambients and dungeons: from very detailed Forests to Swamps, caves, ice caves, sewers, multiple sidescroll areas, volcanoes and even underwater. All with the best graphics ever seen in retrò hacks. These include even new kind of traps, environmental hazards and stuff never seen before;
  • Very improved graphics, EVERY Pokémon sprite it’s in higher resolution with better details, shadings, palettes, and with detailed backsprites. Each Pokémon uses its own colors as meant;
  • Improved Shaded fonts, not shaded in battles, multiple selectable textboxes, dark fonts and even Braille!
  • Phisical-Special Split Attack and a Damage Counter during battles;
  • New methods of evolution implemented (first Pokémon hack ever to do so), from Place Evolution to Move Evolution and items that evolve, and in the case of Eevee De-evolve, Pokémon that otherwise wouldn’t;
  • Added a completely new method of evolution: certain Pokémon can be evolved after being embellished by a Barber NPC. In the case of Eevee, this is alos dependant upon the part of day;
  • A fast Kart instead of the bicycle, capable of doing x4 speed at will, and running shoes on foot;
  • New Pokéball types: Fast, Net, Nest, Dive, Dusk, Timer, Repeat and Heal Balls, along with Dope Ball, Shiny Ball AND even the Snag Ball – for catching a trainer’s own Pokémon!
  • New Repel System, imported from Pokemon Black2-White2;
  • Completely new items with completely new functions, even outside of battle: Lighter, Mining Pick, Magic Hammer and many more!
  • 70 extra new Moves, including moves that use the new types (at least 3 damage dealing moves for each new type);
  • Roaming Pokémon: try to hunt down Raikou, Entei and Suicune;
  • Custom OverWorlds in the Pokemon menu, one for each Pokémon species;
  • More emotion bubbles, used more often than in the original game for special effects in the course of many events and/or dialogues;
  • Move Deleter and Move Tutor NPCs, to manage the movesets of your Pokémon;
  • Added a partial Clock System that can be switched on/off in one of the newly added maps in Kelgo - it’s used for the Umbreon/Espeon evolution.
  • Hilarious dialogues, humour and tons of “pop culture” references, and there’s even occasional self-censored profanity, Conker’s-Bad-Fur-Day Style;
  • Several glitches left there by the original developers were fixed (too many to be listed here);

Gotta catch ‘em all again!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • *Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced) [No-Intro]
  • *Pokemon - Red Version (UE) [S][!]
  • *ROM Size: 1048576 Bytes (8 Mbit)
  • *CRC32: 9f7fdd53
  • *MD5: 3d45c1ee9abd5738df46d2bdda8b57dc
  • *SHA1: ea9bcae617fdf159b045185467ae58b2e4a48b9a




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Uac.DarioHackingASM, Beta Testing
Shanty TownHackingASM, Custom Music
AshAndMisty (aka -Red)MusicCustom Music
Danny-E 33HackingDanny-E 33's Red Graphic Patch

User Review Information

The Greatest Gen I Pokemon Hack.

Reviewed By: Lord Igniz on 21 Jan 2020

Let me preface this with saying I own every mainline Pokemon game, and have been playing them since 1998 with the release of Red and Blue. The first gen games always hold a special place in my heart, for me, the best gen after Gen II. However, those games are notorious for having many issues, whether they are bugs or balancing issues. So it’s always nice to see a hack that addresses these issues. A few stellar hacks of Gen I games have come out in the past decade, notably Brown Version. Grape Version, however, takes things a bit further…

STORY- So this one is a mixed bag. The plotline is you play as a baseball player and there is some war going on between the Frejo and Kelgo regions, with the Pokemon League being setup to sort of mitigate this tension and crown a champion of both regions, with each region sending their best trainer to compete. The writing at points can feel very childish and amateurish, with grammatical and spelling mistakes galore. At other points, I found myself chuckling and being amused by the dialogue and references to our own world along with movie and music references- I especially liked the “A Clockwork Orange” reference. It is also refreshing to have an a-hole for a rival again, after all the recent games makes him your “pal.” I was not really engaged with the story that much, but at least it tries to approach things in a new manner. 5/10

GRAPHICS- There are a ton of new assets and tiles added here, it also has Super GameBoy support like the originals, so you have a much larger palette of colors compared to other GameBoy games. There are nearly 100 added Pokemon each with their own sprites, along with many new moves with new animations. I did not like how many of the sprites were used from Gen III forward, as I prefer the art style from the Gen I and II eras. Aside from that gripe, I think the game does a fantastic job of pushing GameBoy hardware, varied locations, colors, and many new sprites is an impressive feat for a hack. 6.8/10

SOUND- Most of the sound and effects are simple carryovers from Gen I, but a few new tracks have been added. Overall, it is the classic Gen I Pokemon music in all its glory, and you can’t really go wrong with that, but I would have appreciated to hear a few new arrangements or tracks to compliment this fresh new adventure. 7.9/10

DESIGN- This is were the game really find its stride. At first, the map looks quite daunting as you’re not sure where to go or what to do. You are simply throw into this world and forced to figure things out without much hand-holding. However, this was a very refreshing experience, especially after the tutorial-heavy aspects of the newer games. I felt like I was back in my childhood, experiencing a brand new Pokemon game and figuring out how this world works on my own, without any strategy guide to help me. There is a grand sense of adventure, with this world map being larger than Kanto, along with a new map of Kelgo (although I haven’t explored that region much yet). Having 248 Pokemon to capture is the perfect amount in my mind, and the game provides you with all the in-game items you need to evolve Pokemon without the need for trading between games. I always thought Gen II had the perfect amount of Pokemon to complete your Pokedex (250) and this is pretty much the same, without the tedium that some evolution require in other games. There is an actual postgame here as well, which was pretty much one of the biggest issues of the Gen I games. However, my two main issues with Gen I- the terrible item system and the Pokemon box management systems- have been completely left the way they operate in the original games. I’m guessing this is a hardware/memory issue and can’t really be altered, but still extremely annoying. The item management system is actually a lot worse now, because you have a lot more TMs and items you come across on this adventure, so your bag will become cluttered and filled up very early on. Your PC storage will also be filled up, and it makes you have to constantly use TMs you acquire in order to keep room open. 7.6/10

GAMEPLAY- Remember how I mentioned the imbalances of the Gen I games? Well, this has been mostly sorted out, with the addition of Dark, Steel, and Fairy types from the newer Pokemon games. However, this game adds an ADDITIONAL 7 types. Some of them are welcome additions that I enjoyed using (Gas and Light) while others seem a bit redundant, and don’t add much (Wood and Wind). Overall, this makes the game feel very fresh, as you need to figure out the typing all over again. The strategies and mindset you have from 7 previous generations of Pokemon games may not work here. This made me constantly refer to the Type charting graph, and come up with a new team. These changes also help many types of Pokemon. For example, the Gastly line is originally Ghost/Poison in the original games. Here, they are changed to the more fitting Ghost/Gas type. This makes a Pokemon like Gengar fare more powerful here, as he is no longer weak to Psychic type, allowing him to effectively use his Ghost typing to full effect. Speaking of Psychic typing, it is no longer the unstoppable force it was in the first Gen games, due to the additional types and moves now balancing those psychic types out. We also get the physical/special split for moves, which makes things far more interesting and allows many Pokemon to be used far more effectively with a better movepool taking advantage of their STAB. Special remains a single state (not separated into attack and defense like in Gen II on). I actually really like this system, as it still feels like Gen I, but with quality of life improvements to increase your enjoyment. I also feel the difficulty is perfect, it starts off being slightly difficult, but after the first dungeon settles into a great rhythm. New Pokemon you encounter in the wild are high enough level where you don’t feel the need to grind to bring them up to speed, and grinding itself is pretty much non-existent. At least for me, I never felt the need to grind once on my journey to becoming champion. My Pokemon leveled up at a good pace just from the trainer and gym battles I encountered, which I would chalk up to the trainers overall having higher leveled Pokemon, but not too high. This causes the experience yield to be quite consistent and as long as you keep a varied party with you, you shouldn’t encounter any frustrating battles. I can’t stress this aspect enough- because with newer Pokemon games the difficulty is a joke, and you can plow through the entire game with brute force and a single Pokemon. On the other hand, I have played hacks that require a heavy amount of grinding, which I never found to be fun and just a time-wasting chore. Grape perfectly balances its difficulty for a great experience. 9.3/10

REPLAY VALUE- This game is huge. I am really impressed how much they fit into a 2MB ROM. Probably the biggest Gen I Pokemon hack I have seen, and actually has more content than even many Gen III hacks. It took me 30 hours to complete the main game (up to becoming champion) and I had caught 142/248 total Pokemon, so still have a little over 100 to catch. From the readme, it sounds like there is a 2nd adventure along with many more secrets, so I can see myself playing this for many more hours. I wish there was a way to re-challenge other trainers and gym leaders, but looks like additional patches will continue to add new content until we get the full experience 80C envisioned when he started this project all those years ago. Really a huge game for a fan hack. 9/10

OVERALL- I highly recommend this game to all Pokemon fans, especially old-school ones like myself. This takes the classic gameplay of the original games and hones it into a new experience. I had regained that sense of wonder I hadn’t experienced in a Pokemon game for many years now. If only more hacks were of this quality. There are certainly a few issues I would like to see addressed, but looks like bug and issues are being hammered out at a rapid rate (version 1.4 was just released as I’m writing this, in fact). With a few more patches, I can see this hack really becoming something even greater than it already is. 9.1/10- EXCELLENT

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Requires infinite patience.Plint Michigan22 Feb 20201.4No
The Greatest Gen I Pokemon Hack.Lord Igniz21 Jan 20201.2Yes
Most engrossing Gen 1 hack.RustInPeace15 Jan 20201.2Yes
Interesting hack with some issuesFinnbro10 Jan 20201.1Yes
Still need improvementsJulianoFdeS10 Jan 20201.1Yes