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SMW The Crown Tale

Hack of Super Mario World


SMW The Crown Tale is romhack of SMW based on the Bowsette memes around the internet, the hack is basically a traditional Mario adventure with a story involving Bowsette and the Super Crown. While it have a story is not really a huge-super impressive one, but it can still be funny with the dialogues included.

Story: While Mario was taking a vacation on a far away island Toadette suddenly appears before him with sudden news that her Super Crown was stolen by Bowser and that he used it to impersonate the Princess and fool everyone on the mushroom kingdom. Later they discover that Kamek used its magic on the crown to allow anyone to use the crown since it had a magic seal to prevent anyone beside its guardian Toadette from using it. But because of the magic a evil spirit awakened on the crown and took over Bowser’s and Peach mind making them go crazy. Help Mario to return to the mushroom kingdom and save the day once again.

This hack includes:

  • 92 new levels
  • 112 exits
  • 25 moons to find(Optional)
  • 460 dragon coins to find between 92 levels(obligatory if you want to enter in the special world)
  • Good level design
  • Custom music
  • Custom Sprites
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom blocks
  • ASM
  • Hdma
  • DDA System
  • New Moves: Walljump, Long Jump and High Jump
  • 2 diferent endings

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario World (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File SHA-1: 553CF42F35ACF63028A369608742BB5B913C103F
  • File CRC32: A31BEAD4
  • ROM SHA-1: 6B47BB75D16514B6A476AA0C73A683A2A4C18765
  • ROM CRC32: B19ED489




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User Review Information

Don't let him fool you, the story is fun!

Reviewed By: jm102887 on 21 Jan 2020

So I’ve been playing this hack during this week, and managed to finish it just today. And since I rather enjoyed myself, I wanted to do a review on it ^^

WORLD: A good map of locations is very important to a SMW game, and having varied environments and fun, running themes is important to feeling like it has its own identity rather than just a reshuffling of the main game. Each general world is pretty fun in its own way, though we got many of the staples such as the usual grass, desert, ice, sky, mountain, beach/water, pipe, and Bowser’s land, though the last area is a bit of a spoiler and so I won’t mention it. There is a Special world, but as Bandicoot said, you need to have 100% the game in order to get to it. The levels are designed very nicely, most of them making sense and being generally fun to play, and some of them introduce new mechanics such as needing to stay out of freezing water before Mario dies of hypothermia, having FLUDD to help with making jumps across VERY long pits, and others. My favorite, I think, was Castle 6: The Waterswitch Fort, since hitting the On/Off Blocks changed whether Mario was walking around in dry corridors or swimming through them since some passages were too high to reach. It was instantaneous switching and honestly, was both creative and kinda fun to do. All in all, the levels and the world is developed wonderfully and is fun to play, as any Mario game should be.

GAMEPLAY: Standard Mario fare, though Bandicoot has added a few tweaks here and there. There is the Wall Jump, Long Jump, and High Jump abilities added. You will NEED the Wall Jump, mostly to get secrets, but sometimes it can be useful to save yourself from falling into a pit. Long Jump is pretty easy to perform, though you need to get up to speed to use it, and it isn’t used overly often. The High Jump, I really had issues getting to work, and honestly, I didn’t really need it much. For the most part, these are alright, though the Wall Jump can be a little annoying to use sometimes, since once you bounce off a wall, you CANNOT do so again on that wall until your feet touch the floor or you bounce off the opposing side. As pointed out on the main page and above, you do need to 100% this game in order to get to the Special World, so that means finding EVERY secret exit and every Dragon Coin in the game. There are some levels that have the 3-Up Moons, but I don’t think they’re required at all, but they’re tracked on the map alongside whether you’ve gotten the coins, secret exits, and if you’ve beaten the level or not. Regardless, despite the fact that attaining 100% here sounds like a monumental task, it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Most of the Dragon Coins are reasonably easy to find, as are the secret exits. Most are in fairly plain sight, many are hidden in small, out of the way corners, and only a very small handful are deviously hidden, but never are they in such an unfair way. Best hint? Pay very close attention to your surroundings and you should find them. There is a hint shortly into the game that gives a very helpful clue as to mechanics regarding how the Dragon Coins are found (either all before or all after the mid-point), so you’d do well to keep it in mind.

CHALLENGE: About average. For the most part, most of this game is just about as challenging as most Mario games out there are, though I will say that the difficulty starts to spike around World 8, when more enemies spit fireballs than usual, or leave trails of flame behind that will hurt you. Otherwise, I think most average gamers can get into this and do well. One helpful tweak that does make the game easier is that falling into pits doesn’t immediately kill you, but rather cause you to take damage and then fling you out of it, HOPEFULLY to safety. You will die if you can’t escape it, but it feels more like a damaging hazard than an instant-death thing. I will say though that despite what I mentioned above, one thing that I’m not overly fond of is that the castles also have coins required for the Special World, but beating the castle destroys it and thus, prevents you from replaying the level. As a result, you MUST acquire all the coins before you beat the castle, or you may lock yourself out of the Special World. Granted, I’m not sure if there’s a failsafe for this, but it is something I noticed.

STORY: There actually is one! Though just to clarify: Do I think Bowsette memes are dumb? Yes. Do I even know where it came from? No, I’m just an ignorant gamer :P Does this game do a good job of incorporating it without making it sound too stupid? YES actually. This is actually the best part of the game. Basically, Bowser stole the Super Crown from Toadette, has turned into Bowsette, and Mario has to set out to stop him…er, her. Thing is, and what’s actually funny about it, is that nobody has a CLUE what’s going on, and their reactions to him….er, her, is actually pretty hilarious. I will say, it’s a LITTLE…frustrating…trying to keep up sometimes since the grammer isn’t very good, though I’m not sure if that’s due to poor English on Bandicoot’s part or if English isn’t their first language at all. It’s a minor nitpick, but you can still enjoy the story, I believe. And you should play this game for that in itself because it made me laugh quite a bit.

MY RATING: 8.75/10 Okay, so I got a few nitpicky things about this. 460 Dragon Coins to find is a LOT of work, though granted many are pretty easy to find, yet if you don’t find them all in one go then you do have to start over. Possibly losing out on them in the castles can be frustrating as well. And the grammar is….just really bad in some places. Not everywhere, but some places. But for taking a dumb meme and making an actual FUN game out of it, I quite enjoy that. The levels are fun to play, most of the new mechanics work pretty well, and some level gimmicks are both creative and entertaining to work with, so I highly recommend giving this a go because I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you’re looking for a new SMW experience.

EDIT - 1/21/20 Okay, so Bandicoot messaged me and told me that there actually IS a way to replay the castle levels, so there is a failsafe to prevent you losing out on the 5 Dragon Coins in those levels. Apparently it’s by pressing L+R and B. Granted, the castle coins are some of the easier to find, but this is still helpful. He mentioned he may add a hint box in an update to explain this to those who don’t know. Thanks for clarifying that, man!

Version 1.02 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Don't let him fool you, the story is fun!jm10288721 Jan 20201.02Yes
Very Impressive and funStuOnThis20 Jan 20201.02Yes