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An exhaustive reference for the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS internal hardware. Everything from registers to joypads, it’s here.

It’s THE ultimate GBA (and DS!) hardware reference, so grab this if you try to ASM hack either of those systems.


User Review Information

The ultimate GBA/DS hardware document

Reviewed By: KaioShin on 13 May 2008

GBATEK is absolutely invaluable for every GBA and DS hacker. It covers every tiny detail about the hardware there is to know. In the case of the DS, the content is still a WIP at the time of this writing (May 2008), but the parts which are important to a ROM hacker are already done. The missing parts mostly concern details about the 3D hardware and network I/O ports. Unless you’re planning on writing homebrew apps, you won’t need those anyway.

Furthermore, unlike official hardware docs, GBATEK is very well structured, so it’s easy to find the information you’re looking for. Intermediate and advanced GBA/DS hacking is impossible without this document.


Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The ultimate GBA/DS hardware documentKaioShin13 May 2008N/AYes