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The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Masked Quest

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


This is the second phase of my ultimate version of the game with so many changes in the gameplay, altering many known places like; the pirate fortress, the moon, etc.


  • Some dungeons modified.
  • A new map which replace the Lottery Shop named, “Town Museum”.
  • Link and his forms have each individual colors.
  • Difficulty increased.
  • Sun´s song restored.
  • The infamous Moon trial are not optional anymore, with some mask required, perfect for speedruns.
  • The 3 MASKS are required for advance to the next trial to gets into the Final room (Majora), the moon field also requires 2 important items in the game To climb towards where is the Majora masked moon child to accept the final challenge of the game, and talking about of moon children, 10 masks are mandatory for gives to the moon children that reminds me the Ganon trials in the Ganon´s Castle in OOT.
  • Beta enemies are back.
  • Few Sub Bosses are more harder to fight.
  • Some aesthetic changes in stages so do remember to its 3DS counterpart.
  • Some text are changed and are added for the items, songs and swords.
  • The transformation masks have special elemental powers in some attacks (ex. Goron Spikes have the ability to burn some enemies and the Fierce Deity Link is capable of kill enemies with his Sword Beam).
  • The Scarecrow´s song, the powder keg and the Elegy are useful.
  • Link and his all forms can do manual jump, in 2 different modes, forward and stand jump,
  • The shield crouch stab is disabled.
  • FD Link have the Adult Link´s size and can open lifting dungeon doors, and can be usable anywhere with no restrictions of any type, he finally can use regular items & weapons, but he can´t use the hookshot, bow and magic arrows.
  • Goron Link have the walking speed to match with MM3D´s Goron Link walking speed.
  • The hookshot range is lightly extended.
  • Zora Link´s double cutters´ range is extended for long throw the fins.
  • New Prizes from Romani cows and the rupee wallets.
  • The normal wallet has a new digit.
  • And new gossip stone hints.
  • D-PAD can now be used to access all three transformation masks and the ocarina, allowing a total of seven items to be accessible at all times. Note that this means that the map is no longer possible to toggle off.
  • When using the bow, magic arrows can be cycled in a similar fashion to Wind Waker’s magic arrows by setting one and pressing the C buttons + R
  • new custom enemies add some unique feels and challenging battles and with new obstacles.
  • Some enemies´ desc. are restored.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo 64 (v. 20180814-043336)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: D6133ACE5AFAA0882CF214CF88DABA39E266C078
  • File/ROM CRC32: B428D8A7




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AroenaiHackingSome help, Hacking Skills, hacks from his GC MM patches
CloudMaxGraphicsby his Texture Explorer program, and hacking documentation
fkualolHackingRam to Rom hacking documentation from J 1.0 game
VictorHaleHackingsome gameshark codes, and assistence
IdekaLevelslevel documentation, help about level importing-exporting

User Review Information

The Most Tedious 3D Zelda Hack I've Ever Played

Reviewed By: MAOT666 on 30 Dec 2019

Major Spoilers ahead for this:

Longer games means longer reviews: Starting off from Pros, to Mehs, to Cons

Pros: The game starts off like vanilla, but instead of Skull kid wearing Majoras Mask he’s wearing Links face as a mask (Ok). Each transformation have different tunic colors, Start off with a wallet upgrade to 150 and not 99, and start with 5 Hearts and not vanilla 3. Double damage gave an extra challenge to the game. Nice hiding spot for one the bombers for the code/notebook. Extra tree textures around the overworld, The Banjo-Kazooie entrance with the spinning tri-forces to the entrances to the dungeons was a nice easter egg I noticed. Items in the game are switched around so have fun finding them. Chateau Romani milk was very easy to have without having to pay for it, just had to play Eponas song to a cow and you would get it and not just regular milk, so you could always have infinite magic throughout the game. Goron throws a fire punch when you hit enemies. Game gave you Stick & Deku Nut up-grades that didn’t have in the original. I did like the Poe sisters being the ones as mini-bosses with all the Arrow up-grades in the overworld and not the dungeons.

Minor Mehs: Being able to jump was a nice little installment but didn’t really do much (Just made Jump Slash more annoying to perform than anything). Whats the purpose of changing the banker in the middle of clock town and replacing the old banker spot with a gossip stone that does nothing? Don’t understand the Goron punch block in front of the bomb shop when you can get the Blast mask later from the old lady or in Termina field, just annoyances I guess to put into the game for to buy powder kegs later? Adult wallet being 300 (No giant’s wallet explained later). The Hookshot was very well hidden, but wouldn’t expect to check a spot like that unless you already had it or scarecrow song and I only saw it from a distance because there was a chest and not a Heart Piece. I was lucky to stumble across Kamaro mask guy because I was going to the graveyard late before the 2nd day, didn’t expect him to be in the spot where Shero (Stone Mask guard) used to be.

Cons: Ok. In the first cycle Having to wait for the final 12 hours extra sped up to go into the Bombers underground hideout to do a stupid block puzzle push with a Wallmaster hanging around to get a stray fairy (blocked by a Skulltula you gotta speed fast through cause of no magic to kill) to obtain magic from the Great Fairy, and if you mess up, you have to start the whole ordeal all over again from day 1 (But can use Grandma stories and Scarecrow to speed up time again). Having no hints to let/help you know the lottery shop was changed into the “Town Museum” but figured it out cause the door was chained close to go inside. To go inside to obtain the Deku Mask. Crouch stab was taken out of the game (I guess to avoid people from using bomb hovers?). Gossip stones give useless tips or no tips in the game just to annoy the player even with Mask of Truth. Wasn’t a fan of Shero (Stone Mask guard) being where the Bean guy used to be in Deku Palace grotto, but was good to already have Lens of Truth cause something seemed suspicious about the spot. Putting invisible switches inside the Swamp Spider House is a big NO! even if you had the Lens of Truth to see it, how could the player even know to check for that? And you need to beat the Spider house to get the Bow and do other areas of the game because you cant make it pass the Fire Wizzrobe inside the Swamp Temple until you get Ice Arrows so you cant beat him, so this part involved ALOT of backtracking. After finding a well hidden hookshot, I went to Ocean spider house to see if there was another trick up the rom hackers sleeve, and this one just pissed me off, How I was able to get the Ice Arrows was nice but how are you suppose to know to use Garo mask to summon a Garo Master to give you a key to unlock a door and to get the Zora mask? And to summon the Garo Master it has to be on the 1st day, not 2nd or 3rd. Like I said no hint no nothing… just more annoyance with this rom, and pulls off the same thing in Secret Shrine in Ikana. This game also had a nag for always having to use Powder Keg for things, like opening Spider House, path to Ikana and so on. Ocean spider house is missing 1 skulltula, so you can’t obtain the Giant’s wallet. Speaking of busted, you need 1 of the Zora eggs from the clock town museum to get New Wave Bosa Nova song, you need to do some bizarre stuff inside the museum, than get the room key from at Stock Pot Inn on day 1 to access that part of the museum, plus you need to beat Snowhead to make it spring and get 3 eggs from the area as Zora. As if Swamp Temple wasn’t bad enough dealing with Fire Wizzrobe that can only Die to Ice Arrows, you throw another one into Pirates Fortress? if you have no magic or arrows you’re stuck and have to Soar out and go back there, Oh and you need Stones Mask to get past a lone Gerudo guard that leads to the open area of Gerudo guards and the multiple entrances to the eggs because she cant be stunned and you cant sneak past her unless you have the mask, it’s required. Ikana castle was busted too. Had to land on switch, leave the castle, climb back up to land on the same switch again to remove a block you usually move with Goron, So I don’t know what was up with that, and having to talk to a Gibdo who wants “Beans” to open the Stone Tower, and a big poe to flip the tower? not to mention 2 big poes if you want to get all the Strays to flip it again. What kind of blasphemy they had to make you do to finish this game.

The Moon was the absolute worse of the whole game, you have to beat each trail to get to the Majora fight, Deku Trail you have to randomly throw out the Deku pipes and play “Song of Storms” to spawn a Deku flower and do a crap maze puzzle with more hidden switches, Goron trail not as bad just another Goron pound puzzle, Zora trail was just trail and error until you got the right path, but my biggest issue was when you get to the Stone Tower trail, you need to have a powder keg to get through a door, if you don’t have that, you have to go back in time and get it, redo the whole 3 trails again use the powder keg to than get to a Gibdo who than wants “Beans” But wait! There’s more! In a couple rooms You have to fight a Guerdo Thieve and if you loss you get to do it all over again, and another Gibdo who also wants a “Fish” But something I noticed If you already given the Gibdo mask to a moons child you are completely soft-locked and cant Soar or Song of Time out and have to reset the game ALL over again! Which is just a major complete fail to this rom.

This game did have some good ideas somewhat early on than later just to find out it is busted, I actually finished all the Masks and Heart Pieces I could get before I even finished the first dungeon, even saving 8000 rupees to get a Heart Container banker award. The custom dungeon designs were a ok change for the first 2 dungeons, don’t know why he didn’t change the 3rd or 4th? Also, Some temples are missing stray fairies (Woodfall & Snowhead). The Fierce Deity mask is in the overworld and not the moon, I think it’s because this game was incomplete, You cant get all the masks (All Night’s Mask) because you cant get the Giants Wallet, I checked every grotto in this game and extra spots and could not find all the Heart Pieces, I was missing (excluding the Moon Heart pieces) 2 Heart Pieces (Which I think is what you get from the All Night’s Mask checks which I couldn’t get).

I’m sorry, but I would not recommend this game to anybody, I wasted a good 30+ Hours of my life playing this game. There is WAY to much backtracking in it. Do you want people enjoying your game you made? This wasn’t fun or challenging, just tedious for the player wanting to enjoy a good game that wasn’t. It is beatable, playable, but not 100% completable, just totally broken. I love Majoras Mask, it’s one of my favourite 3D Zelda games of all time and nice to see some hacks made for it. But don’t even bother with this game, sorry for the large review rant and the person who wants to play this game reading this, but you’re better off playing Majoras Mask “Master Quest” and not this game.


Version 2.5.2 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A dismal and disappointing experiencealdaraia19 Jun 20214.3.0No
the best version of the game 3Anuar17 Apr 20214.3.0Yes
Greatest majora mod so far!richterwilker07 Sep 20204.2 1/3Yes
The Most Tedious 3D Zelda Hack I've Ever PlayedMAOT66630 Dec 20192.5.2No
Phew.. Simply.. AMAZING!!Final Boss25 Apr 20192.5.2Yes
A horrible messSlickYoshi31 Dec 20193.0No
Not all ideas are good onesShonen Bat02 May 20192.5.2No
Challenging but has problemsRouge223 Apr 20182.5.2Yes
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