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The Legend of Zelda - Trial of Courage

Hack of The Legend of Zelda


This is the exciting new Zelda™ experience that many have been waiting for! Months of hacking, editing, and revising have been put into this project. As a result, a large number of things will be different from the base game. Expect a completely new adventure like you’ve never seen!

Here’s a list of things that you should expect to see in this hack.

  • New Story
  • Fresh Change of Pace
  • Completely changed Graphics
  • Much more color variety and overall beauty
  • Brand New Overworld and puzzles
  • 18 brand new dungeons and secrets
  • New Minimap feature (Special Thanks to Snarfblam)
  • Great Mix of Difficulty (Not TOO hard, but some parts may be difficult)
  • New way to Save the game (Special Thanks to Psyklax for the button info in the code)
  • New Music! (To an extent, Special thanks to Charade for his notes)

CHANGELOG 1.1 & 1.2-

The Best update yet! There are now FOUR patches of difficulty! The IPS files are in order from easiest to hardest, from lowest number to highest number.

Many problems fixed, which include- (In some difficulty versions – Door repair trolls), rooms that are too dark, Boomerang strength, item locations redone in easier versions, Start with SWORD in Casual and Newbie, and got rid of slightly overused backtracking and more.

The four versions are called…




More Improvements!

Added a missing map to the Lv9’s of Quest 1 to all version modes. (Thanks to erpster2 for the heads up!)

In Master mode, the death theme is different now. Touched up the manual, it now gives better hints! Edited Master mode to make it slightly harder. Edited Newbie mode to make it slightly easier.


Added a compass to Lv5 in all Quest 2s from all versions. Made compass reachable in Lv7 of all versions Quest 2. (Thanks to erpster2!)

Increased the overworld’s breathing room in the casual and newbie patches, it is now easier to explore. (Thanks to ifightdragons’ updated review.)


Massive overworld improvements! In Newbie, Casual, and Veteran mode overworld has been made smoother.

Added a missing key to the Lv2s of Quest 1 on all versions.

Added a color palette to the zip. PLEASE USE WHEN PLAYING.


Many fixes and touchups! More enemy variety in areas. Changed Pols voice’s colors to the red palette. Fixed text glitches. Fixed a wrong tile combo placement in the NE part of the world. Fixed all Q2 Dungeon bugs that “erpster2″ brought to my attention. Thanks again! Fixed Link’s hair shrinking when he walks. Colored in the bubble enemies nose so it’s not transparent. Got rid of pushable blocks that don’t trigger anything.

NOTE- The included manual has hints for item locations, dungeon locations, and heart container locations. It even includes new info on new features!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Legend of Zelda, The (USA) --- PRG0 VERSION
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File MD5 337BD6F1A1163DF31BF2633665589AB0
  • File SHA-1 DAB79C84934F9AA5DB4E7DAD390E5D0C12443FA2
  • File CRC32 D7AE93DF
  • ROM MD5 D9A1631D5C32D35594B9484862A26CBA
  • ROM SHA-1 A12D74C73A0481599A5D832361D168F4737BBCF6
  • ROM CRC32 3FE272FB




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
The3DudeOriginal HackingEverything from the HEX-editing, overworld, dungeon, and graphic designs.
snarfblamHackingThe auto-map 0.1 patch & various hacking tools.
PsyklaxHackingNew saving feauture. (SELECT while in the subscreen)

User Review Information

Trail of Discourage

Reviewed By: MAOT666 on 16 Dec 2019

Spoilers Ahead:

I’ll start with some things I did like about this hack. You don’t start off with a sword but do get a boomerang that’s does damage and stuns enemies (cool add in). The sword was easy to find in the overworld. I was able to beat Level 1 without the sword but didn’t like the fact I could get trapped in the Dodongo boss room if I didn’t have bombs and have to take a death for. Potions were cheap in the shops which was nice, didn’t need the letter for them either. Custom music in the flute from your ordinary flute noise. I did like the new overworld and level re-designs, but now I get to the cons of this game

I didn’t like I had to remember having to track back to level 1 with the bait (barf bag in this game) to get the bracelet to get to level 3. Over-priced red lantern (should be given in a level) when the game expects you to burn a lot of places in the overworld. Not really a fan of putting early levels in Lynel territories for level 3 & 4. Levels 1 & 2 were good beginner dungeons for the game, and starting Level 3 off with no up-grades was not so bad with the Darknuts because they could easily be cheesed to kill. But Level 4, no up-grades against Wizrobes? Even with potions it was too much. Level 5 having Blue Darknuts and shooters with no up-grades is a big yikes, (gotta give the player a break with these sorts of things) and nobody likes enemies that always return, that should be taken out of your game. Couldn’t get a shield, blue ring, or White sword (at least those 2 were free) until after a repugnant of a Level 5 because you needed the raft for those 3 up-grades. Level 6 was ok, but still brutal with blue Wizrobes and red/blue bubbles everywhere (And 8 Reb bubbles before Gleeok boss room!?). Level 7-8 weren’t as bad, Level 9 was way too huge and way to brutal for me. I liked the Dark Link Ganon fight though. Unnecessary spikes in every pendant room, could cause a death with low health and have to re-do the dungeons all over again. and Moblin secrets were useless.

After several deaths and many hours into this game and fully completing this game, I want to give The3Dude credit for a challenging hack but I can’t recommand anyone playing this game unless they’re up for the challenge themselves. He did a great job, just wasn’t for me


Version 1.6 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Trail of DiscourageMAOT66616 Dec 20191.6No
An Amazingly Brutal Hack from The3Dude.. Again!Ck23 Jun 20191.6Yes
Very Fun and Very difficultyalan704711 Jun 20191.6Yes
Needs a few little edits...FullExtentOfTheJam29 May 20191.0Yes
Depends On What You Like, I Guess...snarfblam29 May 20191.0No
Interesting and well made!lexluthermiester08 Nov 20191.6Yes
Awesome job! Good experience!edwinmusic28 May 20191.0Yes
Not a lot of funifightdragons31 Oct 20191.3No
Challenging, Great Design, and Funultimaweapon27 May 20191.0Yes
I don't get the pointmarchegiano26 May 20191.0No