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Super Castlevania IV Palette Hack

Hack of Super Castlevania IV


This patch can be apply to any Super Castlevania IV USA no intro ROM. Also expanded once or hacks. Just keep in mind that it might look wrong when new graphics are used. But it will work as long the palette pointers not being modified. The hack uses a lot of strong and exaggerated colors. This has the effect to give the pictures more feel to it. Some changes may not be for the better but fresh up the game-play with a new feel to the scenes. If this is what you are looking for. You may enjoin the new darker themed colors.

Version 1.1 Added a less exaggerated color patch since a few palettes looked bad. Now it seems not bad overall.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Castlevania IV (USA) - no-intro
  • MD5: 094F035993E9724647B61DDCBA1E9A7A
  • Size: 1,048,576 bytes




User Review Information

There Are Pros and Cons

Reviewed By: Morinis on 24 Oct 2019

Some ROM hacking buddies of mine wanted me to try this out so I tried it out. Like most simple NES hacks, doesn’t offer much. The author did state it freshens things up so I’m going to give two types of reviews for this.

Play Wise (pro)

  • It does freshen things up a bit.
  • Does feel different. Doesn’t shy away from that.
  • Colors make it slightly different in the challenge factor due to how things can play with your eyes. I know this factor too well with the ROM hacks that I’m doing.

My constructive criticism (con)

  • It will mess with your eyes and if you are color blind like some people I know that do ROM hacks they’ll hate this one in particular.
  • Certain stages do somewhat pop out (kinda) but the one that looks the most horrendous is Stage 1 with diarrhea green. This needs to be recolored… along with a few others but not going to sit here and write a book on it as I won’t waste my time on that so play at your own risk.
  • Slight difficulty to see certain objects like hearts with some backgrounds (seems there’s too much red used.)
  • Enemies look okay, even the bosses. Probably the only thing this ROM hack truly has going for it.
  • As a veteran SC4 player, this does feel cheap and simple. Lazily done palette swap.

Looking at all sides to this hack as how I do with each of my reviews so here is my conclusion. Play at your own risk. Some people will enjoy it while others will hate it.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
There Are Pros and ConsMorinis24 Oct 20191.0No
Very good!Allerius14 Oct 20191.0Yes