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Magical Herb

Hack of Secret of Mana


This hack changes the Medical Herb into the Magical Herb, rendering it slightly more useful / less useless. Now in addition to removing negative status effects, it will remove positive ones too. This is as though both Remedy and Dispel Magic were cast on you, which is especially useful if you need to remove Wall status. Though unlike Dispel Magic, the Magical Herb will remove Lucid Barrier and Moon Energy status from you too. The Herb’s animation has also been changed into a darker-hued more purple-tinged version of the Remedy animation to signify that it eliminates both positive and negative status effects.

Note: This hack is not compatible with Stardust Herb and they should not be combined.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Secret of Mana (U) [!].SMC
  • Header: NO
  • CRC32: 229BA7E4
  • MD5: 759A3837E5C16AF31464EF6192731EEB
  • SHA1: 4E214F3C987F842C2C68E77B99FC9760F6BB753D




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Is it the same as that weird "grass"? Oops, never mind!

Reviewed By: zoolgremlin on 05 Nov 2019

Tested as part of the ongoing Secret of Mana Turbo Project, by Queue (with various resources provided by zhaDe as part of Secret of Mana: New Game Improvement). Latest version used.

Another fine example of the Creator’s very sound thinking, when it comes to modding Secret of Mana. Was there ever a less utilized Consumable in the Vanilla game, besides Cup of Wishes? If so, Barrel is the only thing I can think of. Powerful effect, hardly ever needed due to the ultra-cheap Remedy spell. In Vanilla, these two things have the same effect.

Not anymore. With this mod, you have an item that mimics the effect of two spells, which if I remember correctly, is what the Stardust Herb was meant for in Trials of Mana (formerly only known as Seiken Densetsu 3). And it’s still just as cheap, even though arguably it’s worth far more than it was previously.

There are no objections that I can think of, gameplay-wise, that would recommended against using this mod. Unless, as in the case of Faerie Coconut, the player objects to making the game any easier. Not an inherent problem unless one chooses to believe that.

Graphically, the mod doesn’t really bring much to the table, which is also not a sufficient reason to recommend against the mod. Though it’s worth a brief mention. The item animation is a slight recolouring, of the Level 8 version of Dispel Magic’s animation. I, personally, have no objection to the recolouring or reuse of animations. I just don’t particularly like many of the Level 8 animations. Not just because they pause all action in Vanilla… in some cases they’re just BUTT-UGLY to me. Including this one.

But I use it anyway, because it’s that good in functional gameplay terms. If you’re looking for a (new) reason to stock this Item in-game, here it is. And it KICKS ASS.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Is it the same as that weird "grass"? Oops, never mind!zoolgremlin05 Nov 20191.1Yes
This is actually pretty goodhmsong28 Aug 20191.1Yes