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Megaman in the Mushroom Kingdom

Hack of Mega Man


Dr. Wily finally concedes that Mega Man may be too much for his evil robotic creations. Determined to get the best of the blue bomber, Dr. Wily contacts another famous villain, Bowser! Having combined their forces, Dr Wily and Bowser unleash their new destructive creations upon the Mushroom Kingdom. After hearing news of Wily’s new plan, Mega Man decides to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom himself to stop Wily again. Mega Man now finds himself in a strange new world filled with obstacles and locales very foreign to him. Fearless, Mega Man presses on to Super Mario’s old stomping grounds to defeat these new foes.

Mega Man in the MK is set in various classic Mario games. Including Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and World. Megaman faces off against Wily’s Bosses as well as Bowser’s minions. This being Super Mario’s World, he gladly helps out Mega Man by increasing his jumping power as well as outfitting the Blue Bomber with some of his old garbs.


  • The 6 main starting levels have had extensive level design and graphics modifications.
  • Every single enemy graphic had been changed in to a Mario themed bad guy.
  • Megaman can jump higher.
  • Every boss has been made easier, their shots do less damage, Megaman’s do more.
  • The first 2 of 4 Wily stages have had extensive graphic modifications but only minor level design tweaks (Game engine Constraints)
  • The last 2 of 4 Wily stages only undertook minor tweaks to make them less utterly frustrating. (Made easier)
  • Minor title screen edit, minor text edits here and there.
  • Symbols representing their respective powers have been put in place of letters in the pause/power menu. (A bomb symbol instead of a “B”, Fire ball instead of” F”)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 5DED683E
  • MD5: 4D4FFDFE7979B5F06DEC2CF3563440AD
  • SHA-1: 2F88381557339A14C20428455F6991C1EB902C99
  • SHA-256: 58FB9EF0C14C2947332929B9330D56C38A78040FD388274C39EFD84E8D5446C7




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User Review Information


Reviewed By: RussianManSMWC on 03 Oct 2019

Mega Man in mushroom kingdom is a interesting idea, complete with gameplay and graphical changes to make it feel more like platformer like Super Mario games. But does it hold up nowdays? Well… not really.

Level design is… ok. I find increased jump height to be a nice addition and changes Mega Man’s platforming in a good way. Bosses made easier (mostly) is also welcome for casual players. Though i don’t like some enemy placement, some levels feel a bit empty, and i don’t know why “enemies appear from 4 screens” even occur - not sure if it can be fixed by remaking this hack with modern tools, and i’m not sure if “Super Ultra Cool Mega Features” section supposed to be ironic, but i find issues mentioned to be major problems that should not exist in any hack of any kind. Slowdown doesn’t depend on computer power (well, unless emulator itself lags). Someone menioned slowdown for seemingly no reason, and i noticed it myself. Yeah, slowdown can be pretty bad, but it’s not very frequent. Strange collision in classic level, thankfully i didn’t become stuck. If i had to choose between original mega man and this hack, i’d say i prefer this hack’s design, but with a grain of salt, actual design isn’t so bad, it’s glitches that boil it all down.

Presentation is… meh. Some graphics look nice (i like sky level in that regard), others not so much. Worse yet, there are plenty of graphical glitches, like glitchy boss doors (1 2 3), glitchy sprites (example), glitchy shake, complete with ugly visuals towards the end (1 2 3). Weapon menu with icons representing, well, weapons sounds useful… but bad palette choices make it hard to indentify what’s what, sometimes almost impossible.

Overall, i don’t recommend this hack. It certainly shows it’s age, with lots of glitches, outdated visuals and ok at best design. And it’s a dam shame, idea is excellent, and i like some gameplay tweaks, it could’ve turned into a solid mega man platformer. But alas, what we have is a broken mess.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A good idea that was pretty fun, but could be a whole lot better.......Supergamerguy26 Jul 20201.0No
So I played this hack the other dayGoogie11 Feb 20201.0Yes
OutdatedRussianManSMWC03 Oct 20191.0No
A interesting take on two classics.Kallisto05 Feb 20171.0Yes
Too many odd glitches, but playableFrankensteinsRobot03 Sep 2013N/AYes
Nice fusion. However...megaman_powered_down09 Jan 2011N/AYes