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Shining Force 2 War of the Gods

Hack of Shining Force II


This is a complete overhaul of the game with a more cohesive story and significant changes to the story and gameplay. Many of the gameplay changes are listed below.

Please note that this mod requires a USA version of the game to be patched. Also, I recommend using LunarIPS for all your patching needs. Finally if you have any issues please email me at

  • Unpromoted level cap is 20, promoted level cap is 40
  • The REPAIR option has been replaced with TRAIN
  • AGI affects evasion
  • ATK influences the damage of spells
  • ATLAS is now thunder elemental
  • DESOUL has a 50% chance of hitting, but only reduces the enemy’s hp by half their current amount.
  • AID replaces DETOX, AID heals some damage and AID 2,3, and 4 heal all maladies.
  • You get all four characters the first time you go to creed’s mansion
  • Poison does 10% of max hp in damage
  • The spell DISPEL has been replaced with Poison
  • To access the secret battle after the credits you MUST have the Necklace of Light in your inventory
  • If you egress from the Zeon battle you will have to repeat the Galam battle.
  • Mithril, Gold Dust, and Dark Matter are crafting materials.
  • In the tactical base characters in your party give gameplay tips, while characters not in the party give lore and story hints.
  • Read the books, they’re fun.
  • Finally this mod is also available on Steam!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: not found
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20180824-045026)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 26D9D83443447D3163549114C0BD43B288DFF3FF
  • File/ROM CRC32: BF5CC96F




User Review Information

Send a janitor to clean this mess up.

Reviewed By: Old_gamer on 20 Sep 2019

Shining Force 2. Love the game. Any hack is welcome to me. Here we have War of the Gods. Let me summarize : it is horrifically unbalanced.

You start off kinda strong and a few levels higher. Not a rough start, but unless you save or save state like me (big whoop wanna fight about it?) you will discover that magic is punishing. I got hit hard on battle 2. This goes for both sides. The plus is that this mod is making magic more essential as fire magic is no longer the red headed stepchild or shining force as all magics have a class of its own instead of fire being the loser magic, freeze being intermediate and bolt being godly, there are strengths and weaknesses. However, enemy stats are painfully weak as you will grow faster than they and unless the enemy is a mage, they are laughably weak as they might as well kneel before you. I understand the leveling system being level cap for unpromoted is 20 - 40 for promoted, but the enemy needs a little push to give some challenge. Kudos to magic though.

New enemy drawings are awesome and re-coloring is a delight and there are some dialog changes but some of the original dialog remains which is annoying as much as I like Shining Force 2, I mostly hated the old dialog. A good re-write is needed.

This mod has plenty of promise, but is too unbalanced to recommend. With proper fine tuning, this could be excellent.

Version Final Recommended - No

User Reviews
New style of gameplay with new additionskcirtap24016 Oct 2019FinalYes
Send a janitor to clean this mess up.Old_gamer20 Sep 2019FinalNo
Still needs polishScreenDoor14 Sep 2019FinalNo
SF fans should give this a gokass11 Sep 2019FinalYes