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Shining Force War of the Gods+

Hack of Shining Force II


This is a complete overhaul of the game with a more cohesive story and significant changes to the story and gameplay. Many of the gameplay changes are listed below.

Please note that this mod requires a USA version of the game to be patched. Also, I recommend using LunarIPS for all your patching needs. Finally if you have any issues please email me at

Update: I have created a small update, changed some small character things. Also this rom is compatible with a US or PAL rom.

  • Unpromoted level cap is 20, promoted level cap is 40
  • The REPAIR option has been replaced with TRAIN
  • AGI affects evasion
  • ATK influences the damage of spells
  • ATLAS is now thunder elemental
  • DESOUL has a 50% chance of hitting, but only reduces the enemy’s HP by half their current amount.
  • AID replaces DETOX, AID heals some damage and AID 2,3, and 4 heal all maladies.
  • You get all four characters the first time you go to creed’s mansion
  • Poison does 10% of max HP in damage
  • The spell DISPEL has been replaced with Poison
  • To access the secret battle after the credits you MUST have the Necklace of Light in your inventory
  • If you egress from the Zeon battle you will have to repeat the Galam battle.
  • Mithril, Gold Dust, and Dark Matter are crafting materials.
  • In the tactical base characters in your party give gameplay tips, while characters not in the party give lore and story hints.
  • Read the books, they’re fun.
  • Finally this mod is also available on Steam!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Shining Force II (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20210226-213851)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 22DEFC2E8E6C1DBB20421B906796538725B3D893
  • File/ROM CRC32: 4815E075




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Space KingHacking

User Review Information

Still needs polish

Reviewed By: ScreenDoor on 14 Sep 2019

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can recommend this in it’s current form. While it certainly offers a different experience from the original, and I also don’t not recommend it as I can appreciate the work put into it thus far, this hack has a lot of problems that leave it feeling highly unpolished.

The very first thing you might notice is that the game has many new lines of changed or added dialog. However, nearly every new line contains either spelling errors, punctuation errors or grammar errors, which can ruin the experience of playing something new and greatly adds on to the “unpolished” feeling the hack gives off. It also adds completely pointless references or tie-ins to older games of the series that just leave you scratching your head as to why they would add such things.

From the very first battle, you’ll notice that the difficulty has been increased significantly. While higher difficulty isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the way this was implemented makes it feel completely unbalanced. Enemy’s stats are much higher than normal, and their AI is more aggressive. At the start of the game, this makes progressing very difficult. You gain exp much faster than normal, however, and as you level up, your own characters will start to greatly outstrip the enemies, and then it goes from being too difficult, to being too easy a lot of the time. Many enemies also have new spells, whether the enemy would normally have spells or not.

The spells themselves are ridiculous. Blaze 1, for example, now hits multiple characters, and does nearly 25 damage to each character it hits. In the beginning of the game, that will outright kill any playable character. While you have characters with spells as well, most enemies have far more HP than you do and can survive a spell or two when a single shot will kill you.

All enemies now have resistances and weaknesses to a certain spell, and if you do use a spell the enemy is weak to, it will do significantly more damage. That, however, is situational at best and doesn’t excuse the unbalanced difficulty as a whole. In fact, it adds to it, as once you learn the weaknesses of enemies, you’ll learn that magic is king and can destroy most anything in one or two shots.

Bosses offer much more of a challenge, as they’re given bloated stats and an AI that capitalizes on any poor character positioning you might have. Because of their high stats and the potency of spells, the difficulty and balance is literally all over the place. Main enemies that were once killing you in one or two hits now die in one or two hits, while a boss wipes out half your party in a single turn. It’s a little jarring.

Some of the new added features, such as the “training” option in shops were a good addition. The training option essentially grants the character of your choice 100 exp, for an increasingly escalating fee, leveling them up instantly. This is very useful for characters that are lagging behind the others on your team.

They’ve also added sub-equipment such as gauntlets that raise your attack power and shields that increase your defense. However, since each character can only hold four items at a time, this bogs up each character’s inventory. You’ll be picking up a lot of special items along your adventure, as well as the typical healing items and the like. This makes organizing your items in the beginning, before you have access to storage, difficult as you often have to choose between bringing along healing items, or using your precious inventory space to hold on to special items such as mithril or promotion items.

While the game is an interesting romp through a beloved classic, the unbalanced difficulty and the unpolished added dialog keep me from fully well enjoying this ROM hack to it’s fullest. If you truly love Shining Force, go ahead and give this hack a try and form your own opinion. But as it stands right now, I’m having a hard time recommending this until a little more work is put into it.

Version Final Recommended - No

User Reviews
Awe-inspiring SF@ modretrogamer198719 Apr 20211.0Yes
An Interesting Hack that certainly changes the gamerekabdarb17 Oct 20201.0Yes
New style of gameplay with new additionskcirtap24016 Oct 2019FinalYes
Send a janitor to clean this mess up.Old_gamer20 Sep 2019FinalNo
Still needs polishScreenDoor14 Sep 2019FinalNo
SF fans should give this a gokass11 Sep 2019FinalYes