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[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd

Level Editors


This is a powerful level editor for NES Super Mario Bros. It allows to create new areas, add, delete, move and resize objects on all areas, also can easily make pointers for pipes, vines etc. Also you can make a lot of modifications on an engine. Please note, that editor automatically converts ROM into the MMC3 mapper, so keep backup of original ROM.

More information included in archive in the readme.pdf.

Supported x64 versions of Windows 7, 8, 10,

Also included x86 (32 bit) version for Windows XP


User Review Information

Very Good, but Hard to Compete with SMB Utility

Reviewed By: segwayspeedracer on 25 Aug 2019

Starting off, the app is very good. It is interesting that… from what I can see… you can’t change enemies like SMB Utility, but you can add and delete them. Overall, this gives more flexibility, but takes time to get used to.

The program needs to better label what styles to choose from. Style 1 being the island platforms, Style 2 being mushrooms, and Style 3 being bullet bills may not be obvious.

It is odd that it cannot open my current hacks, when SMB Utility can… which only has the Luigi Jump ISP and Reverse Pipes + Red Plant patches installed. I also did a lot of rearranging on pointers, enemies and block positions in those hacks. I am not sure which, if either, of these changes caused the program to fail to read my hack, but people should keep those things in mind that it may be limited on what games it can modify if people are hoping to stack patches.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
THE best editor ever.Jeansowaty13 Jul 20201.3.1Yes
Good for simple hacksgassug203 May 20201.3.1Yes
Liked itDanielFA25 Nov 20191.1Yes
Doesn't emulate like SMB Utilityinsectduel10 Sep 20191.1No
Very Good, but Hard to Compete with SMB Utilitysegwayspeedracer25 Aug 20191.1Yes
Cool but an issueStudsX17 Aug 20191.1Yes
Great! Editor.Zerano30 Jan 20201.1Yes
A great editor for this classic = awesome!Googie24 Jul 20191.1Yes