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Super Mario World: Just Keef Edition

Hack of Super Mario World


It’s the classic game with updated graphics,additional enemies and Dinosaurs, new tricks traps and paths, updated mechanics, and all new surprises along the way. Mario and the gang have decided to take a break from adventuring only to find that there is yet another adventure to be had! It’s the same old story, Bowser kidnaps the Princess blah blah blah.

This is a re-imagining of the original game with sort of a Lucas twist. Now Dinosaur Land actually has a wide variety of Dinosaurs, Luigi is his own man and not just a color swap of his brother, Toad joins the adventure with tips and useful item stops, all new original levels, and much much more! Feel like reliving the fun of Super Mario World with some added challenge? Give this hack a whirl. It’s a BLAST FROM THE PAST!

NOTE: There are 2 different versions of this patch. There is the main game with 2 players. Player 1 and Player 2 are both controlled with 1 controller so that the game can be played 2 player on mobile devices or just to use both Mario Bros. The second patch is the same game with the ability to select Mario or Luigi from the start menu. This patch will only allow for one player. Also, when I submitted 1.2 the changes only took effect in the main patch so this has been corrected.

Version 1.5

Fixed an issue where Bowser was only throwing 1 mechakoopa in the final battle.

Version 1.4

Reduced the file size to from 8mb to 6mb. New to ROM hacking when this hack was started. Lunar magic has an option to expand the ROM to 6 or 8 mb for SA1 purposes. However, 8mb turned out to be more than needed. Reducing this to 6mb should make it easier for emulators to run this ROM

Version 1.3

  • Changed up a few levels. With the addition of new enemies the levels did not quite flow right so some things were tweaked.
  • The Ghost house in Forest of Illusion has been changed. The secret exit in the vanilla version is easier to find than the regular exit. A few things have been changed around to have the level make more sense as a level.
  • Changed some of the looks of levels to reflect the area of the game that the level is taking place. Not much change here, but a few things have been added, colors changed, certain things taken away.
  • Some of enemies have been moved in my custom levels to make the levels flow better.

Version 1.2

  • Fixed the echo effect in caves. Addmusick has a default action of removing the effect and didn’t notice when making the hack originally.
  • Minor aesthetic changes in Crystal Caverns 4. Trying to go for a glowing cave/avatar type thing.
  • Location of red Yoshi egg has been changed. Turns out baby Yoshis can eat the NPC sprite used and can’t figure out how to change. Made it a little harder for players to have baby Yoshi eat Toad. If that appeals give it a try. It’s funny at least.
  • Dragon coin save has been fixed (pretty sure)
  • Life counter in opening scene has been fixed. No more 1-Up sound effects
  • Removed Banzai Bills from the higher up portion of Yoshi’s Island 1. It was confusing people.
  • Waterfalls in Crystal Caverns 2 have been slightly changed to clash less.
  • Attempted to fix a bug when wigglers spawn. Not sure if it is completely fixed but seems to work better.
  • A couple of minor graphic changes in players.
  • Added a custom cover image to the image file in the zip.

Notes and Known Issues:

  • Mario’s name has a graphical glitch in the opening scene in the status bar. Not sure what happened with this but can’t figure out how to fix it.
  • Yoshi’s double jump occasionally plays an odd sound. Not sure what causes this but has something to do with too many things happening on the screen at once.
  • Sometimes the large dinosaurs will show odd behavior such as falling through the floor if too many falling objects are on the screen. These dinos are large, complicated sprites so they are not perfect. Shouldn’t really notice but it might happen from time to time.
  • Para galoombas cannot be killed by cape spinning. This is due to the fact that their shoes will change colors if cape spinned. The ability to cape spin them was removed in order to preserve the right color for their shoes.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • rominfo : Database match: not found
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File SHA-1: 812A85B3EE1B8E59244ADFFBCCB098F0ACDB4B3E
  • File CRC32: A0532771
  • ROM SHA-1: 9CCF812DE392E025F60C6CE69996F782F4E968E8
  • ROM CRC32: 41F2E744
  • ROM
  • Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Format SNES ROM image (headered)
  • External Header Yes
  • File size 8389120 ($800200)
  • Rom size 8388608 ($800000)
  • Mapping unknown
  • Calculated checksum 3C21
  • Checksum valid Yes
  • All Hashes
  • File SHA1 812A85B3EE1B8E59244ADFFBCCB098F0ACDB4B3E
  • ROM SHA1 9CCF812DE392E025F60C6CE69996F782F4E968E8
  • File MD5 66E14B6C42D7D7D0DF1F4AE4AD550900
  • ROM MD5 63BB21AFC92E65B512ACA3E5F6FEB9B0
  • File CRC32 A0532771
  • ROM CRC32 41F2E744
  • Header
  • Header offset $81C0
  • Checksum 3C21
  • Checksum complement C3DE




User Review Information

Same SMW, with lovely new content sprinkled-in

Reviewed By: Uberdubie on 20 Aug 2019

This is pretty much the SMW we all know and love with some various yet minor additions, graphical changes/improvements, and increased difficulty (mostly due to additional enemy placements, and occasional poison mushrooms inside blocks). But all changes are fairly minor, and the jump in difficulty isn’t significant. If that’s generally something you’re looking for, I certainly recommend giving this a try.

Layouts to levels are more or less identical to vanilla from what I can tell about half-way through (3 original levels are in this but I haven’t come across them yet). The new enemies are of course the most notable change – and for the most part, I really enjoy their inclusion! They fit nicely aesthetically, and while certainly making levels more populated, they’re not overly-done imo. AI/physics on them can get a bit glitchy at times, but they’re mostly a seamless inclusion all-around.

Expect to hear more varied music sparsely sprinkled-in as well, which you’ve probably heard if you play other SMW rom hacks. Graphical changes are mostly welcomed, although I don’t know how I feel about the new waterfalls in world 3 (they just clash a bit style-wise). Most of the visual changes I’d consider solid improvements, whether it’s to power-ups, enemies, and especially new visual props on stages like mushrooms and bones on cave floors. And being able to save anywhere on the map at any time is always nice!

BUGS: In addition those previously mentioned, two very minor yet very irksome (imo) issues stuck out to me:

  • Underground areas do not have *any* of the reverb you’re used to hearing on sound effects; such as jumping, landing on enemies, enemy grunts collecting coins and power-ups, etc. It just sounds like any other level in this regard. While again minor, it’s especially odd to hear enemies like Blarggs without reverb (which you never heard without in vanilla). Playing this on Snes9X, vanilla SMW plays the reverb on underground levels just as it should.
  • On bonus stages that use the completion part of the music, an extra misplaced note is now always heard at the very end of it (after Mario flashes the peace sign).

Of any Mario rom hack that directly builds upon the vanilla game (rather than building an entirely separate game), this is the most complete and well-done I’ve ever played – my main reason for making this review is simply because this deserves FAR more attention. Looking forward to seeing more from this, and thank you for making and sharing it!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Same SMW, with lovely new content sprinkled-inUberdubie20 Aug 20191.0Yes
Neat Idea, Minor BugsG30FF17 Aug 20191.0Yes
If Anything Lucas Should be Taking NotesXModxGodX17 Aug 20191.0Yes