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  • Hacks
    Expand the ROM so hackers can use all the free space in the hardwired bank. Fixed: I changed $4c JMP to $20 JSR because it was wrong at location $1ef34.
  • Hacks
  • Hacks
    Expand the ROM so hackers can use all the free space in the hardwired bank. Fixed: I changed $4c JMP to $20 JSR because it was wrong at location $1ec24.
  • Hacks
    Change MMC5 setup code at $3ff00 in the Expanded ROM area. Fixed: I changed $4c JMP to $20 JSR because it was wrong at location $1ffe6.

Final Fantasy Restored

Hack of Final Fantasy


Bugfix and Enhancement Patch.

This fixes most of the known bugs in FF1, and provides a few enhancements. Consult Read Me for complete details.

Optional Patches are also available as well, included in the Settings folder.

All credits go to the numerous people who worked on creating this patch, which is in section 5 of the read me file.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy (U) [!].nes
  • ROM Length: 262,160 bytes (256 KB)
  • ROM CRC32: CEBD2A31
  • ROM MD5: 24ae5edf8375162f91a6846d3202e3d6
  • ROM SHA1: C9CFBF5455085E198DCE039298B083CD6FC88BCE
  • FILE Length: 263,168 bytes (257 KB)
  • FILE CRC32: 5c892f3b
  • FILE MD5: d111fc7770e12f67474897aaad834c0c
  • FILE SHA1: b0ed4e1573260187e31da715ced28806ea4a81da




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Alex W. JacksonHackingBug Fixes
AnomieHackingBug Fixes & Enhancements
AstralEsperHackingBug Fixes, Enhancements & Retranslation
DischHackingBug Fixes & Creating FFHackster
GrondHackingBug Fixes & Enhancements
LenophisHackingEnhancements: DTE Usability expansion
Leviathan MistMusicEnhancements: Updated Prelude, New Boss Music (3 Tracks)
MightyCollectorTranslationRetranslation: Terminology
PaulygonHackingBug Fixes & Enhancements
x_lotoTranslationRetranslation: Japanese game script fan translation
ZzonkmilesHackingEnhancements: Treasure identification

User Review Information

Recommended for diehard NES players, but only those.

Reviewed By: BlazeHeatnix on 30 Jun 2019

This hack might seem like it has it all: better RNG, better challenge, bugfixes, the b-button dash, it’s an overall better version of Final Fantasy on the NES. That being said, there are some things added that take away some of the charm of the original, and the game still isn’t where it needs to be.

First, the b-button dash. For towns and dungeons, this is fine, but it also applies to the world map. As far as I know, no 2D Final Fantasy game lets you run on the overworld, even in re-releases where they add the dash, so this makes getting around the world map easier than it should be. It also looks really silly.

Second, the removal of the Peninsula of Power. May I ask why? Not only is it an iconic part of the original game, but it’s pretty much essential for cutting down on the gratuitous amount of grinding the game expects you to do. It’s an aspect of the original game that’s been kept for every re-release, because Square knows how helpful it is. It perplexes me why the maker of this hack decided to keep Garland’s “knock you all down” line, but didn’t keep the Peninsula of Power. I don’t care if it’s technically a glitch and an exploit: part of the game’s legacy is missing here, so it takes away from what should be the definitive NES version. It’s like if an SMB1 hack decided to patch out the infinite 1-up trick. It’s soulless.

If this was going to be removed, I would’ve at least accepted the ship minigame reward being beefed up to what it is in Origins or Dawn of Souls, but that’s not here either. All this means that you are now forced to grind, and grind, and grind, and grind for the cash you need to buy the game’s infamously-expensive gear and spells.

Finally, here’s probably the stupidest, most embarrassing change in this hack: your original battle menu options were “Fight, Magic, Drink, Item, and Run”. Now your options are “Attack, Magic, Item, Equip, and Run”. At first, I thought that meant you could now swap weapons and armor during battle. That’d be unnecessary, but kinda neat. But no, turns out you can’t do that. They have the exact same functionality as in the original, only now it’s more confusing. It was called “Drink” because you can only consume potions, antidotes or any other liquid items during battle. You can’t use Gold Needles or anything like that, unlike what this implies. And it was called “Item” because some weapons and armor act as items that cast magic. You can’t equip stuff during battle.

You might call this a nitpick, but I just can’t get over how foolish this change is. The hacker obviously looked at Dawn of Souls’s battle menu without realizing that game changes the entire battle menu mechanics, since Dawn of Souls DOES let you swap weapons and armor.

I also must point out the new music. Tracks composed by Nobuo Uematsu for the Wonderswan Color are converted to NSF by LeviathanMist. It’s hard to explain, but these conversions clash with Uematsu’s original work and don’t quite match his style. Some of these tracks sound either really weak, like the boss themes, or ear-grating, like the church theme. Of course you can patch the new music out, but it’s disappointing nonetheless.

This hack and Grond’s hack add a lot of things, but they still don’t actually fix the core issues of FF1 to begin with: the game is still too grindy, items are still too expensive, ineffective attacks are still a thing, and it’s impossible to tell what weapons and armor are better than others, or whether your party members can even equip them, before you buy them. All of these make the NES version really difficult to go back to.

Is it the best FF1NES “improvement” hack? Maybe. The translation is certainly the best out there, and the changes aren’t as drastic as Grond’s hack. But if you want a good translation, more music, less grinding, all these flaws fixed AND better graphics with cutscenes? Get Dawn of Souls and apply the Vancian Magic patch by Kea. There isn’t a “definitive” version of FF1 right now and I don’t know if there ever will be, but if it’s your first time, that would be the route I recommend.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Definitive!xmagefirex06 Aug 20191.0Yes
Recommended for diehard NES players, but only those.BlazeHeatnix30 Jun 20191.0No
Simply amazingChrysologus01 Oct 20181.0Yes
The gold standard for purist fan modsChicken Knife12 Nov 20171.0Yes
Refinement of a classic.dimensio05 Apr 20171.0Yes
Definitive NES versionRodimus Primal25 Feb 2014N/AYes