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Touhou Reiiden


Game Description:

It’s the first game of the Touhou series, which became rather (in)famous because of the insane difficulty. Fortunately, the game isn’t like that. The game is basically an Arkanoid clone, where you control some kind of Yin-Yang ball. But there are some nice additions to the original Arkanoid gameplay, which makes the game, at least, more exciting. The music is also good, since it fits the game.

Translation Description:

This is a new patch for Touhou Reiiden: The Highly Responsive to Prayers which unlike the other patch leaves Jengrish as is, as well as improving on the other patch by translating the endgame assessment screen as well as the high score screen.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Original .hdi of Touhou Rei'iden: The Highly Responsive to Prayers


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User Review Information

Makai is not Heaven

Reviewed By: Prime 2.0 on 21 Sep 2010

And based on the use of the term as reference to a place later in the series, it could be argued that Jigoku isn’t hell either, but that’s a lot more subjective. Heaven/Hell wasn’t in the original either, that was just a gaff carried over from RadicalR’s patch, which pretty much comes standard on any disk image of this game you can find now(along with the translated sound test, which this patch lacks; it’s in OP.EXE, by the way).

For me though, fixing the above is as easy as going into REIIDEN.EXE with a hex editor using ctrl+f as my guide. What is left over is a more complete patch, owing to the spiffy new final results screen(also in REIIDEN.EXE) which already used Makai. I guess that’s a consistency issue there, huh.

So yeah, a nice little advancement, even if you need a part of the previous patch to get the music room. So why not, right? You can always change those two little words if they bug you.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Makai is not HeavenPrime 2.021 Sep 2010N/AYes