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Phantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization

Hack of Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium


Phantasy Star Generation:4 is a comprehensive relocalization (and for most of the story text, a retranslation), utilizing fan-translated PS scripts and resources and PS team interviews.

As SEGA canceled “Phantasy Star Generation:4″ many years ago, this project aimed to create a definitive, series-ending Phantasy Star experience.


  • Restore every mistranslated connection to the other PS games
  • Best express Japanese creators’ intent (story, dialog and themes)
  • Make the script more colloquial, fun, and emotional (from NPCs to main story)
  • Add PS lore gathered from PS team interviews and official SEGA resources
  • Add depth to character personalities and relationships
  • Explain character actions that had been given no in-game reasoning (see project site for details – spoilers)

Graphics/sound are unmodified from SEGA’s English release, besides adding in monsters present in Japanese that were censored in the West. A few changes with items/weapons (nothing major), including updated descriptions and new ones for items that had none.

NEW: Added dialog to 3 story scenes with plot details that tie together and explain two major characters’ backstories, unearthed in a recent developer interview. We now have a better understanding of these two characters’ motivations, and it better ties the events of PSIV together.

Please visit the project website for more screenshots and “director” notes. (

“Found in Fanslation” podcast on the project site interviews key contributors to this project and to PS fandom for Westerners to enjoy.

Let’s Play Director’s Commentary on YouTube coming soon.


There are two main versions of the patch, accounting for different tastes in localization:

1. “Working Designs”

  • Expands upon NPCs’ dialog.
  • Added comments from main character on the world of PSIV
  • A few modified/added lines of story dialog

If you’re a fan of Working Designs-style RPG writing (specifically Lunar and Lunar: EB on SEGA CD), you might best enjoy this. Or, if you’ve played PSIV before and would like an expanded look at the universe, try this. Everything added was done so in the spirit and tone of the original game, with no WD-style pop-culture references.

2. “Purist”

  • Removed most editorialization added to NPCs from WD script
  • Removed a few added dialog exchanges between party members
  • Removed some dialog that fits the characters but isn’t in the Japanese script.

If you prefer a more straight-laced localization, this version removes most of the added color, leaving the naturalized English dialog, fixed PS references, more accurate story translation, and added PS background and story. This is closest to the literal, original Japanese script.

Please contact the author about making a patch with the character/tech/item names that you prefer, since all the EN localizations did things differently. It’s fast and easy to do.

More project info, screenshots, etc. at:

The author welcomes all feedback, good and bad. Make your voice heard so this can be even better! More than 2 years of feedback has helped make this project what it is today, which is aimed to be the best way to experience the best multi-game RPG tale in classic gaming.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Phantasy Star IV (USA)
  • CRC32: FE236442
  • MD5: 84CBD0FF47F3C8E9D21D2C2FC39185FA
  • SHA-1: BC7FF6D6A8408F38562BC610F24645CAD6C42629




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
GhaleonUnlimitedHackingRewriting, editing, coding; series research; ongoing updates
vivify93Script Editing/RevisionPS series references; project advice & support; original Proper-caser mod
lory1990Original HackingCreated original disassembly (made this possible); Bugfix mod; Post-release testing/editing/coding/c
bgeOriginal HackingHelped add project credits
SquirrelScript Editing/RevisionTons of typos fixed & grammar help

User Review Information

I agree that the tone of some characters seem off

Reviewed By: isoacc on 30 May 2019

My decision to not recommend is somewhat up to personal opinion, but I think that the tone of the re-translation is too jokey or inserts references that don’t really fit with the world.

For example, at the start, Rudy (Chaz) and Alys talk about going to the Motavia Academy town and then talk about the students all being drunk (because college town). A little while later in town, Alys berates a NPC for not being a “partier” (yes that what Rudy says in game). Then makes a quip about how that poindexter probably couldn’t even tap a keg. Seems really out of place.

Some text seems fine. However, it’s very obvious when the translator put in their own flavor text. For that reason, I have to give this relocalization a pass even though the idea is sound. Translations for games were poor back when PSIV came out and it could use a new one. The addition of proper-case and bug fixes all in one patch is also great. If the modern references and tone shifts were taken out of the translation, this would be a good hack IMO.

Version 4.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
PS4 goodness for every kind of personRed Soul06 Jun 20205.0Yes
It makes the dialogues way more interestingRafasilvakrav504 Jun 20204.6Yes
I agree that the tone of some characters seem offisoacc30 May 20194.0No
Great RelocalizationMerton09 May 20193.5Yes
Feels like a Working Designs translationbutane bob01 Feb 20193.1No