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Castlevania: Michael's Mod

Hack of Castlevania


This hack is a complete revision of the layout of Dracula’s castle for Castlevania (NES). There are many similarities to the original, and the order of the rooms and size of the levels stays the same, along with the boss of each area being the same, keeping the feel of the original. Slightly more difficult than the original, even though damage is reduced, making it a good and fun challenge for any Castlevania fan, much like myself! There are many breakable walls, and quite a few small secret areas for the player to find and reap their rewards! All of the secret money bags and items (Such as the crown and the treasure chest) are still in the game, in the same location, and are activated the same way, but there is a different way of reaching most of them. The story is the same as the original, so it’s all about the game play!

The game was thoroughly tested by a few different of my close friends and myself, so there shouldn’t be MANY glitches. There are a few areas, however, that may seem like glitches, but they may just be shortcuts or secret areas.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • CRC32 (Original ROM): 5b0408ae




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User Review Information

Tolerable at first, bad at latter stages

Reviewed By: Arek on 22 May 2019

Some people need to stay away from editor. This looks like a hack made by someone who saw Stake editor for the first time and the decided to put every single idea without thinking about how it will work. Thankfully, for the most part of the game it is not affecting the gameplay much. Yeah, there are glitchy enemies, strange design choices, incorectly placed stair points, couple of somewhat cheap difficulty moments but all this is mostly tolerable until stage 5-3. The amount of enemies on screen at the beginning has a very high chance to actually crash the game. I did a few runs and then tried that part with quicksaves. Game crashed in about half of the attempts. Then we have the final boss with bottomless pits in his room. Well, I am not against some additional challenge but if Dracula falls into the pit during his second phase (it happens often unless you stunlock him with holy water) he just respawns in his first form and the battle basically starts from the beginning. Who tested it and thought “Yeah, OK, it works just as it should”?

Version 1.0.2 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Tolerable at first, bad at latter stagesArek22 May 20191.0.2No
Strange but funonepiecefan200708 Aug 20181.0.2Yes