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FF6 - Brave New World

Hack of Final Fantasy III


What started out with my initial desire to properly case everyone’s names turned into a rather innocent discussion between a co-worker of mine and I about ways to improve/fix the original game, which in turn (somehow) became this.

FF6 - Brave New World is a fairly complete overhaul of Final Fantasy VI, featuring…

  • Character-based esper restrictions & new stat boosts that promote greater diversity and allow for customized development.
  • Esper leveling system that disassociates esper bonuses from traditional levels.
  • New and reworked formulas which rescue everything that isn’t magic or magic evasion from the dump-stat heap.
  • Rebalanced equipment, items, spells, and skills that aim to remove dead weight and give players more (and better) choices.
  • A complete overhaul of enemies from their stats to their behavior to better challenge veteran players and newcomers alike.
  • Tons of bugfixes, as well as remedies to many of the game’s more annoying aspects (such as rage hunting taking a lifetime).
  • And much, much more, detailed in the Readme (particularly section 4).

One thing BNW is not is a difficulty mod. While it is harder than vanilla FF6, we wanted to keep it accessible to newcomers while at the same time giving veterans a new experience. Hopefully, we succeeded.

Curious about what other people are saying about BNW? Like the mod and want to let us know? Hate it and want to tell us how much we suck? Completely indifferent and just bored? Feel free to drop by what’s become the official forum for discussing BNW:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (USA) - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: A27F1C7A
  • MD5: E986575B98300F721CE27C180264D890
  • SHA-1: 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
  • SHA-256: 0F51B4FCA41B7FD509E4B8F9D543151F68EFA5E97B08493E4B2A0C06F5D8D5E2




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Definitely a Difficulty Mod

Reviewed By: Phaxuji on 12 Jan 2020

UPDATE: I attempted to play v2.0 to give this hack another chance. Interestingly, despite being insulted by several others for complaining about the difficulty, this update reduces the difficulty. If it wasn’t a problem to begin with, then why make several adjustments to the difficulty?

In Narshe, there is a famous building near the front of the town that gives you tips and pointers as to how to play. When I first played through this hack, there was a major red flag said by one of the townspeople: wait and observe the monsters before attacking, otherwise they might really hurt you. This is a red flag because it’s essentially demanding out of the player that they might be killed by random mobs due to inaction or due to making a misstep. Damned if you and damned if you don’t.

And then it happened: I made it as far as following Banon and crew after beating Ultros and escaping the raft. I went into the following cave and had my party wiped by random mobs when I was at full health and fully equipped. Thought it was my mistake and tried again. This time another set of random mobs killed my party before I could even act (whoever helped design this hack thought that mobs inflicting mass muddle was a great plan). This happened a third time before I simply put down the controller and found something better to play.

Having read through the long readme (longer readmes are a good thing, I think), I was interested to play around with the significant changes to the characters and espers. Unfortunately, I never made it far enough.

Maybe the reason there is a following for this hack is because of those changes. But I shouldn’t be forced to resort to save states to find out. And unless it’s suggested as part of the hack, no one should.

There’s also a bit of an arrogance to this hack that I find off-putting. In that same Narshe house where the players are given instruction, one of the people states that the designers of the hack removed changing treasure chests based on when they are picked up in the game because they thought it was “stupid”. Okay. Ever think there might be people who don’t think that’s stupid? Are they stupid because they think it’s a good idea?

Sadly, I wish I could play through this but I’m not willing to put up with rolling the dice to find out. For me, games of chance aren’t nearly as fun as games of strategy. Maybe the designers could make an “easy” version for whiners like me.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I downloaded this hack with the assumption that the included description was honest. “Not a difficulty mod” … okay. Sounds good.

Except that it was completely untrue.

It’s fine if you wanna hack a game. Do whatever you want to it. Make it as hard or as easy as you want. Just don’t mislead people who download your hack.

And that’s why I can’t recommend this. Even if someone created the best hack of all time, if it were misrepresented to people, I wouldn’t recommend it. If the author of the hack had just been forthright and said “Hey everyone, this hack’s a bit more difficult than the vanilla version.”, I probably would’ve given a “Yes” recommendation instead. After all, I can tell a lot of work went into this. But I can’t get over feeling duped and lied to.

As far as the hack itself, let’s be clear: not everyone uses save states. Some of us prefer to play a game on real hardware. A lot of people that play and enjoy this hack do so with the use of save states (as is evident from the other reviews and forums that discuss this hack). With save states, this hack might be great. I don’t know - I played long enough to realize this WAS a difficulty mod and quit after a couple more hours into it.

So as a warning to everyone who might play this hack thinking it’s not difficult - it’s not true. It is difficult. Just be prepared.

Version 2.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A fresh new take on a classic. Almost didn't get it, SO glad I did.lobe02 Jun 20212.0Yes
The Definitive Way to Experience FF6Sir Newton Fig12 Mar 20212.1bYes
A Fantastic And Fresh FF6 Experience (long review)PokeFaize11 Mar 20212.0Yes
Great Hack but Spell Points (Magic Points) are wastedfoxguard909 Mar 20212.0Yes
A Fantastic Mechanical Update with an Enjoyable (not Mindless) Playthroughzeroedgeir28 Feb 20212.0Yes
Grindfest that requires you to play it as the developers intended.MysticLord09 Jan 20212.0Yes
"not a difficulty hack" my left footIkeTATARI09 Jan 20212.0No
Misleading presentation of hackxigix02 Oct 20202.0No
Really loved it until 2.0Croixraoul101 Jul 20202.0No
Challenging without being "hardtype", revised without being "different for the sake oSPennLUE10 Mar 20202.0Yes
A great way to experience FFVI again!Ok Impala!27 Jul 20191.9.0Yes
Definitely a Difficulty ModPhaxuji12 Jan 20202.0No
A fantastic mod, but the difficulty can be offputtingsarysa23 Apr 20181.9.0Yes
A good approach on character diversityXardas08 Mar 20181.6.1Yes
Lots of changes including save pointsKFCTwister18 Dec 20171.8.6Yes
People who say this isn't a good mod like ultima.Rotnflesh16 May 20151.6.1Yes
A Definitive FF6 Hackmagictrufflez01 May 20151.6.1Yes
This isn't a difficulty mod? Really?oubliette25 Mar 20151.6.0No