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Quake II: New control buttons config

Hack of Quake II


Patch add new, more comfortable, control buttons configuration:

    • ↑ - look down
    • ↓ - look up
    • ← - look left
    • → - look right
    • X - move back
    • ◘ - strafe left
    • O - strafe right
    • ▲ - move forward

  • Standard A:
    • R1 - next weapon
    • R2 - fire
    • L1 - previous weapon
    • L2 - jump
  • Standard B:
    • R1 - fire
    • R2 - next weapon
    • L1 - jump
    • L2 - previous weapon

  • Analog control config (both sticks):
    • Left analog - move
    • Right analog - look
    • R1 - fire
    • R2 - next weapon
    • L1 - jump
    • L2 - previous weapon

Aim(analog) speed fix.

Skip intro.

Split screen.

More information in readme file.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • BIN image: Quake II USA
  • Game ID: SLUS-00757




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User Review Information

Cautious recommendation, but there are issues...

Reviewed By: Shodanbot on 17 Apr 2019

The hack would get a full recommendation from me if it didn’t have some acceleration issues when strafe-running. When running at an angle your speed drops to a crawl.

Version 0.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Cautious recommendation, but there are issues...Shodanbot17 Apr 20190.4Yes