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The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Masked Quest

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


This is the second phase of my ultimate version of the game with so many changes in the gameplay, altering many known places like; the pirate fortress, the moon, etc.


  • Some dungeons modified.
  • A new map which replace the Lottery Shop named, “Town Museum”.
  • Link and his forms have each individual colors.
  • Difficulty increased.
  • Sun´s song restored.
  • The infamous Moon trial are not optional anymore, with some mask required, perfect for speedruns.
  • The 3 MASKS are required for advance to the next trial to gets into the Final room (Majora), the moon field also requires 2 important items in the game To climb towards where is the Majora masked moon child to accept the final challenge of the game, and talking about of moon children, 10 masks are mandatory for gives to the moon children that reminds me the Ganon trials in the Ganon´s Castle in OOT.
  • Beta enemies are back.
  • Few Sub Bosses are more harder to fight.
  • Some aesthetic changes in stages so do remember to its 3DS counterpart.
  • Some text are changed and are added for the items, songs and swords.
  • The transformation masks have special elemental powers in some attacks (ex. Goron Spikes have the ability to burn some enemies and the Fierce Deity Link is capable of kill enemies with his Sword Beam).
  • The Scarecrow´s song, the powder keg and the Elegy are useful.
  • Link and his all forms can do manual jump, in 2 different modes, forward and stand jump,
  • The shield crouch stab is disabled.
  • FD Link have the Adult Link´s size and can open lifting dungeon doors, and can be usable anywhere with no restrictions of any type, he finally can use regular items & weapons, but he can´t use the hookshot, bow and magic arrows.
  • Goron Link have the walking speed to match with MM3D´s Goron Link walking speed.
  • The hookshot range is lightly extended.
  • Zora Link´s double cutters´ range is extended for long throw the fins.
  • New Prizes from Romani cows and the rupee wallets.
  • The normal wallet has a new digit.
  • And new gossip stone hints.
  • D-PAD can now be used to access all three transformation masks and the ocarina, allowing a total of seven items to be accessible at all times. Note that this means that the map is no longer possible to toggle off.
  • When using the bow, magic arrows can be cycled in a similar fashion to Wind Waker’s magic arrows by setting one and pressing the C buttons + R
  • new custom enemies add some unique feels and challenging battles and with new obstacles.
  • Some enemies´ desc. are restored.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo 64 (v. 20180814-043336)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: D6133ACE5AFAA0882CF214CF88DABA39E266C078
  • File/ROM CRC32: B428D8A7




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AroenaiHackingSome help, Hacking Skills, hacks from his GC MM patches
CloudMaxGraphicsby his Texture Explorer program, and hacking documentation
fkualolHackingRam to Rom hacking documentation from J 1.0 game
VictorHaleHackingsome gameshark codes, and assistence
IdekaLevelslevel documentation, help about level importing-exporting

User Review Information

A horrible mess

Reviewed By: SlickYoshi on 31 Dec 2019

This is by far one of the most intriguing hacks I’ve played, and it’s great to see Majora’s Mask finally getting some ROM hacks that people have been craving for so long. It makes a lot of changes that make you rethink the way you play the game you thought you know oh so well through use of clever new mechanics, and familiar puzzles with new pieces. This gives the game a lot of positives, but also a few pretty big negatives.

The most immediate change that one would notice, is the inclusion of inaccessible items at the very beginning of the games, showcasing that you can actually head back out of the clock tower at will. This mostly showcases that there are a lot of region changes, but it is still a rather interesting change.

The biggest alteration is that most of the items are scattered throughout the overworld, as opposed to in the dungeons. This makes the game feel more like Breath of the Wild, in that you can play the game in practically any order you’d like, and personally, I LOVE this change. It makes the world feel much more vast than it would otherwise.

Those changes carry throughout most of the game, and there’s too many instances of them to list here. But one of the coolest inclusions in my opinion, was the inclusion of elemental damage with the transformation masks. Unfortunately, it seems like this was only relevant with the Goron transformation, as the others don’t seem to have them.

A big complaint I have, is the manual jump. It’s kind of cool to see some beta content included, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to add anything other than annoyance when trying to perform a jump attack.

The biggest issue I have seems to be the lack of “mandatory” objects, like stray fairies. I searched all over Woodfall Temple and only found 14/15, after searching every corner of every room. I had the same issue with Snowhead and Great Bay as well, though I wasn’t exactly looking in Great Bay, after what I went through with Woodfall. This also applies to the Oceanside Spiderhouse. I looked in every location I could possible think of and only found 29 of 30, making what I assume is the Giant’s Wallet inaccessible, and the All-Night Mask and two heart pieces by extension. There are a few live stream guides available, though they don’t cover the full game. But even watching them, they also gave up after spending a long time trying to find the items. It would be nice if there was some kind of “official” guide as to where these things are, since they seem to be required in order to beat the game, judging by the hack’s description.

Other than that, I’ll admit the game seems to be unbeatable to me. I made it all the way to Ikana Canyon, just to learn that I can’t get Magic Beans because of the placement of the bean salesman. This makes the well unbeatable, and the rest of the game inaccessible by extension. There may be something I missed, but I have spent the better part of 3 real days looking all over the game for some kind of explanation, but I haven’t found anything. Unfortunately, it also looks like I’ve made it farther than anyone else, judging by the guides online. Most people give up pretty early with how difficult the game is. If I could find just some tiny little bit of information on how to get to the bean salesman, I could probably finish the game, but as it stands, I am stuck at about 80% completion with no end in sight.

Overall, the game is worth playing through just to see how far you can get, but at the end of the day, there is a very tall wall that doesn’t seem to be passable. If I could figure out the puzzle, I’d be more than happy to change my opinion on the hack, but as it stands, I can only safely give it a 6/10. It has an AMAZING concept, but is too vague and convoluted to give it a passing grade.

3.0 EDIT:

I tried the game again in 2.5.2 and ended up beating it, though it was not pretty. I decided to try out the new updated version, and remarkably, it’s even worse in my honest opinion. Skipping the first cycle may be an improvement to some, but to me, it removed the only honest puzzle from the game. The Deku Bubbles changing speed based on their size is absolutely abysmal. I appreciate that they are more accurate now, but it doesn’t matter when they move too slow to hit their target in the first place. I didn’t even make it to the first dungeon before encountering a crash in the Honey and Darling Shop. At that point, I didn’t even attempt to finish. I can not honestly recommend anyone play this mess. I still think there is some merit to it, but the cons FAR outweigh the pros. The end of the hack is just non-stop trolls, and when you finally make it to the end, there is one more troll that will softlock you if you can’t predict the future. None of these issues would matter if there was any indication as to what was coming, but instead, it’s just non-stop softlocks and horrible game design. 3/10.

Version 3.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A dismal and disappointing experiencealdaraia19 Jun 20214.3.0No
the best version of the game 3Anuar17 Apr 20214.3.0Yes
Greatest majora mod so far!richterwilker07 Sep 20204.2 1/3Yes
The Most Tedious 3D Zelda Hack I've Ever PlayedMAOT66630 Dec 20192.5.2No
Phew.. Simply.. AMAZING!!Final Boss25 Apr 20192.5.2Yes
A horrible messSlickYoshi31 Dec 20193.0No
Not all ideas are good onesShonen Bat02 May 20192.5.2No
Challenging but has problemsRouge223 Apr 20182.5.2Yes
Some changes aren't welcomeLutherian20 Apr 20182.5.2No