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Cyber Knight

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Cyber Knight is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo. The battles are waged in a strategy-like map on a 6×6 grid. Your fighters have missile and melee attacks, and essentially you move your men about and attack in a manner that doesn’t wind up with your mechas getting obliterated.

Translation Description:

Cyber Knight is a nifty little RPG for the SNES by Group SNE and Tonkinhouse. It’s a very different game and is probably not quite what you’d expect from an “RPG.” Combat is more strategic than most battle systems as you have freedom of movement, the method of boosting your mechs’ strength is not what you’d expect from an RPG either. and there are a _LOT_ of planets you can visit. All in all it’s a very neat game!

Everything except the first two screens (basically just credits) are done.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Cyber Knight (J).smc
  • CRC32: 64034B07
  • MD5: DB9465E77AC9B8A496D0039031C9D446
  • SHA-1: 1F3EC78D4648EA535027CDEFDE63429A193D25FD


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gideon ZhiHackingProject leader, lead romhacker, assembly work
CidolfasScript Editing/RevisionScriptwriter
TaskforceHackingScript dumper

User Review Information

Hey, this was a great game!

Reviewed By: AnTi90d on 28 Feb 2010

This game was great! The translation was clean and easy to read, I experienced no bugs or glitches and there was even a bit of humor written in. Its an RPG thats set in a futuristic world. There is no money (you get item drops from mechanized enemies that you take back to your ship and analyze for new weapons and upgrades to your mechs,) you have infinite ammo (all you have to do is go back to your ship and everything is filled to the max,) and the battle system is kind of like a strategy game. If something runs up right next to you, you can’t use any ranged weapons. Make sure you check your armament and take a wide variety of weapon types with you. I was using all impact weapons and landed on a planet where they were practically immune to that damage type.. and promptly had my rear end handed to me. I would suggest the liberal use of savestates while in an enemy stronghold.. When you stumble upon the boss it can mean lights out in one battle phase.. The bosses can one shot your guys. Its quite unfair, but very fun. You will probably be very confused and lost without a guide for this one. I recommend the guide at Gamefaqs. (Because of this game, I now have a newfound hatred for dinosaurs.. They have too many HP!.. and biological lifeforms don’t drop upgrade items!..) It took me 12 hours and 51 minutes to beat this game.. with the guide.. Without I would have just wandered the universe aimlessly for hours. The game doesn’t give you much direction.. Without the guide you would have no clue where to go. The story was great and the ending was kind of cool. I think that everyone that is a fan of old RPGs would love this game. Now I’m off to play Cyber Knight 2!~

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Not Half BadKlaviaturist15 Jun 2011N/AYes
Hey, this was a great game!AnTi90d28 Feb 2010N/AYes