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Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition

Hack of Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy Ultra just got better! The philosophy is still to add and change as much as possible for the better, while still staying true to the spirit of the game.

Here is a list of improvements over Final Fantasy Ultra:

    X. Version 1.1 has an easier Volcano section and many little improvements.

    1. Enemies have more hitpoints, making fights more strategic.

    2. BLNK (evasion for one character) has been replaced with SLD2 (about as strong as the original SHLD). There’s now a SLD3, which is about as strong as the previous SLD2.

    3. Some of the white spells have been shifted around for balance reasons and to make classes more specific in their role.

    4. CUREring replaced with TMPRring.

    5. Ninja now gets 4 attack rating per level.

    6. Lots of little aesthetic changes, like new colors for the classes!

    7. Many many many little rebalances and tidbits (like more npcs saying what magic does, items in different places, and more gold from enemies around Crescent Lake)

    8. You can’t get to the Ice Cave unless you have the Airship. Too many playtesters went there for the Floater!

    9. Two new secret equips. Good luck finding out how to use them!

    10. Tents/Cabins/Houses got buffed

    11. Class selection bug removed (thanks Disch!)

    12. Volcano dungeon got nerfed, Water shrine buffed.

    13. Paladin, Ninja, Ranger, and Monk cast slightly less spells.

    14. Running away is harder and better balanced.

This hack still has all the improvements found in the original Final Fantasy Ultra:

    12 classes at the start instead of 6

    Each class is especially good at one thing and average to bad at everything else.

    Except the Fool class, who is bad at everything.

    Battle animations sped up. Spells are divided into direct (the top two spells in a store) and indirect (the bottom half).

    Many spells added and altered.

    Spell names changed to be clearer as to what they do (SHLD instead of FOG, CLNS instead of PURE, etc.)

    Every level of magic has a single target damage spell and all enemies spell.

    FIRE only hits one enemy, making the HARM spell better against armies of undead.

    Generally less spells that kill or stone in one hit.

    More spells can be cast, especially for dedicated casters.

    Intellect influences the power of spells.

    Healing is much stronger

    Spell damage is also stronger, but since hitpoints have also increased, damage spells are only relatively stronger for casters with high intelligence.

    Enemies use more abilities, and do so in more interesting ways

    More interesting battle formations

    More interesting enemy properties, such as regeneration and elemental properties.

    TMPR spell works properly.

    Everything has more hit points, making fights more tactical.

    Enemies drop less gold, making chests much more attractive, and forcing the player to choose between which items they want to buy the most.

    Only two types of armor (Body and Shield) so there’s more room to store magical items.

    Only the 10 magical items can cast spells.

    Poison and regeneration is now at 10%.

    Any combination of classes (without twins or Fools) can properly beat the game.

    No combination of classes is remarkably better at beating the game than another.


    Added escape teleports in most of the dungeons, making it more attractive to level up where the action and gear is.

    Balanced game to make full trip through whole dungeon on first try very hard, but rewarding to go in, get some loot, restock and go in again to get further. Most dungeons take around three trips to complete.

    Most fights can be run away from, except on ‘tiled’ squares. Dragons, Mindflayers, Eyes, Worms, Basilisks, and Bosses are not runnable.

    Getting the Ship, Papyrus, Oxyale and Crown requires doing a dungeon.

    Four extra dungeons to do after Tiamat.

    All sorts of new paths and new tricks.

    Dungeons feature items found in nearby towns, giving incentive to try to get the items there instead of just buying them in shop.

    End dungeons feature special end-game weapons for each class.

    Boss battles made much more interesting.


    Dash button added.

    Player can immediately go to Dwarf Cave, which is a tough trip but grants extra gold

    Player doesn’t need Ship to get to Elves.

    Player doesn’t need Airship beat the game, as ports have been removed.

    Three places where player can fight against tougher enemies for experience boost if they’re into that kind of thing (like the original PoP).

    You now save a prince instead of a princess. Corneria has two queens. For gender diversity.

    Secret overpowered enemies for bragging rights.

    Mystic Key only unlocks items in Dwarf Cave, Elf Castle and Human Castle.

    No poison inducing enemies until the Elf area (by then the player should have some CLNS potions.)


    Hundreds of tweaks not worth mentioning.

    Years of polish thanks to dozens of playthroughs and feedback from playtesters.

Credit is due to PinkPuff for letting me build upon their hack, Final Fantasy Negative One.

There are two complete ‘Let’s Plays’ here:

Discuss the game here: And since I’m always keen on feedback, you can email me at:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy (U) [!].nes
  • CRC32: AB12ECE6
  • MD5: 9B0F042C FDC5F9E8 200B4710 4A4768A9
  • SHA1: 80CE108F BC066C98 5D4FB541 BD68E9A7 C8994FEB




User Review Information

A Nice Change of Pace

Reviewed By: orin6909 on 08 Jan 2019

This hack was very interesting and a lot of fun. There are a ton of improvements and changes made that create a brand new experience out of a timeless classic. That said, it’s not without its drawbacks.

First, I greatly enjoyed the removal of the class change in favor of additional starting classes. This added a nice variety to the standard 6 choices and ultimately made the play-through more interesting. The downside to this is that, due to the limitations of the original game, there are only so many ‘roles’ that can be created and oftentimes, the classes overlap–this can be somewhat beneficial if you are a heavy spell user, since 9 spell charges don’t carry you very far if that is all that character has. Also, due to the same limitations, there are only two palettes of three colors available for all of these classes, leading to a lack of variety and, especially due to the darker colors chosen for one palette and an almost two-tone palette for the other, the colors end up somewhat bland looking. The last major change to the characters is the 5-letter names, which offers much better flexibility during creation, but, once again, because of the game’s limitations, it causes the menu to appear glitchy when choosing a target for a healing spell or potion (only from the main menu).

Second, the world map, dungeons, and game flow has been dramatically altered, with many dungeons being completely remade and several places ceasing to exist, with new locations created in place of them, most to acquire key items. I loved the experience of a new adventure in the somewhat-familiar world a lot. The new dungeons are fairly short, so it’s not tedious or difficult unless you hit a rather nasty group of enemies. It’s very common to run into a group of enemies where at least half of them stun or put you to sleep with their attacks, leaving half of your party defenseless. With the addition of making running away more difficult, this leads to some rather irritating encounters and wasting of healing resources.

Third, there are four bonus dungeons with ultimate equipment in them. This is a nice addition, but the equipment is extremely overpowered in most cases (I had a Viking and a Ninja who, when equipped with their ultimate weapons, almost tripled their damage output from the highest level shop equipment). These weapons are unique to a class and while there are several nods to fantasy-genre and mythological references, without any further hint as to what class can equip each weapon, it was sort of a trial-and-error process of moving equipment and trying to equip it on everyone to see who it was for–a weapon type symbol would greatly assist there. Actually, even the special weapons found in the later story dungeons lacked symbols to show what type of weapon it was and, therefore, which classes could equip it.

Finally, I am very pleased with the changes made to the spells, especially as far as healing is concerned. Healing spells (and potions, thankfully) are more potent, making them more useful and practical in battle. The only recommendation I have here is to add the “Buy 10″ option in the item shop to make stocking up on Cure and Clns potions less annoying and time-consuming.


Despite my complaining, I feel that overall, this was a very fun take on the classic RPG that started the Final Fantasy franchise. It is highly recommended for anyone that has played the original to death and is looking for a new way to enjoy it.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Fun mostly. Confusing as hell sometimes. A great change of pace, but dont expect any challengeepicmask10 Jan 20221.1Yes
Good and interesting. Feels midlly unfinished. Not ideal for a 1st experience with FF1.Bananadine05 Aug 20211.1Yes
An improvement over vanilla FF1cpzivich20 Jun 20201.1Yes
A Nice Change of Paceorin690908 Jan 20191.0Yes
Play Now, if you liked FF1Webbhead0813 Sep 2016LatestYes