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Castlevania: The Holy Relics

Hack of Castlevania


An all new Castlevania adventure is here on the NES! New stages, graphics, items, enemies, music and gameplay for Castlevania fans to enjoy.

Select from 5 exciting stages before reaching the final showdown with Lord Ghulash, an evil necromancer terrorizing Transylvania in the wake of Dracula’s defeat. It is up to Simon Belmont to rescue his homeland once again, this time from the perversion of the 7 Holy Relics. Collect all the relics to lift the curse, and use them to your advantage along the way.

For further details, (Story, Gameplay, etc) please consult the read me file.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Castlevania (U) (PRG 1).nes
  • CRC-32:9AB191BC
  • SHA-1:0D6E5910D09CBA12FB8B61123E6F3087A90F503C
  • SHA-256:0BF466EB3819EEE34E41DE076B5C1BF16375D0DE5BA64EDE8ADE6ED599ACCB53
  • MD-5:6768E0F020AECD2809D70BBF8CCE3BE3




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
OptomonHackingProgramming, music, some graphics.
SetzGraphicsBackground and sprite graphics
Tessa MontoyaGraphicsBackground and sprite graphics
Dr. MarioGraphicsSprite graphics
Boneless IvarGraphicsSprite graphics

User Review Information

Not Just a Castlevania Hack

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 03 Dec 2018

The first Castlevania game is an interesting specimen in the romhacking community, as it serves as a base for a large number of hacks that range from simple texture changes to entire level redesigns. The Holy Relics stands on the far end of the latter, to the extent that it can easily stands on its own as an entirely new game in the Castlevania series.

The hack is an entire redesign of the base game with six new levels, each of which is based on a particular locale, such as a graveyard, woods, or a castle. You can choose the order in which the first five levels are traversed, which then paves the way to the last level. Our hero starts with one relic, which is the familiar screen-wiping Cross, but new relics are acquired as each boss is defeated. It’s a great way to experience as much of the new content from the get-go, as opposed to the linear path of the base game, and it’s a good way for players to focus their efforts on the harder sections without having to ramp back up to them.

The levels themselves are beautifully crafted, with gorgeous textures and color choices, and the Denis Woods are a great example of Optomon’s attention to visual direction. The first section starts with the last afternoon light of day but upon entering that first door, our hero finds himself in the dark of night. Yet even so, sprites pop against the darker tones, and stairs and ledges are markedly clear. The two new musical tracks are a treat as well, and they fit surprisingly well with the rest of the soundtrack.

The levels are also cleverly designed, with many sections requiring the player to search high and low for keys to unlock doors in order to progress. Many items are strategically placed in obstacle-filled areas or pathways where it would seem intuitive for a reward to be, and certain candles are colored blue to signify importance. Monsters are also cleverly placed and are spaced properly as to not overwhelm the player. Overall, it’s a challenging experience but it comes with the sense that each section is doable with a bit of practice.

As for the relics, they provide an additional layer of strategy to the game, though thankfully none of the levels are really built around the need for any particular one. Bonus points for being able to use them on command, which is great when recalling how the base game would give you the Cross at times when it’s not really needed.

Overall, this is a fantastic hack that transforms the base game into its own standalone title, one that stands out among the plethora of fan hacks out there. Heck, it easily stands alongside the original three games as a sequel/side story. This is a must-try for anyone looking for a new Castlevania experience on the NES.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A must-play for any classic Castlevania fanSosuko28 Oct 20211.0Yes
Wow! Complete reworking of the gamediablo66616 Sep 20211.0Yes
The Best of the Bestchuckingdice18 Aug 20191.0Yes
The King of Castlevania Hacksbrgr26425 May 20191.0Yes
A Brand New ExperienceMother Kojiro22 Mar 20191.0Yes
impressivepleasejust09 May 20201.0Yes
Not Just a Castlevania HackEldrethor03 Dec 20181.0Yes
Outstanding combined with Improved ControlsNesDraug27 Nov 20181.0Yes
Superlative!onepiecefan200714 Mar 20181.0Yes
Interesting Take on the Original Casltevaniabruplex09 Feb 20181.0Yes
What a good night to have a curse.PROTOBlues31 Dec 20171.0Yes
This is really excellentJohnH12 Dec 20171.0Yes
A HEART 3TheShepherd09 Dec 20171.0Yes
Nice Replay ValueMorinis09 Dec 20171.0Yes
The best Castlevania hack I have played so farbogaabogaa08 Dec 20170.99Yes
Another MasterpieceSephirous06 Dec 20170.99Yes