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Mortal Kombat II - Hidden Characters Playable

Hack of Mortal Kombat 2


This hack allows you to play as the Hidden Characters Smoke, Noob Saibot, and Jade. Includes built-in game codes to activate them. Apply the IPS to the US Version 1.1 ROM with no header. Check the ReadMe file for the codes to activate each character.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Mortal Kombat II (USA) (Rev 1)
  • SHA-1: F6AA5291759E982EA249C4B76F729CA2F4AB1CF4
  • MD5: A0B9BEBBC80958E36292ABD9B8FB758E
  • CRC32: 70BB5513




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User Review Information

To This Hack, I Say "Toasty!"

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 27 Nov 2018

One of my greatest pet peeves about the fighting games of old is the inclusion of characters that are meant to be fought against but not played as, which is usually because they’re tuned to be much more powerful than the player roster, and the Mortal Kombat series is no exception, having locked out Reptile, Goro, and Shang Tsung in the first game. Although the second game got the same deal, MottZilla did an exceptional job getting around this, and his efforts are to be commended here.

This hack allows players access to Smoke, Jade, and Noob Saibot by ways of secret input codes on the character select screen, and although the inputs are proprietary to this hack, they’re incredibly easy to remember, requiring nothing more than simple directions and two button presses. To sweeten the deal, sound cues were added to let you know whether or not it worked. The entire execution is so well put together that the presentation is nothing short of professional.

My only gripe is that the instructions don’t make it clear that the cursor has to be on the very edge of the roster grid when the input is entered, so if you were to enter the Smoke code, you would have to move your cursor to the rightmost edge before tapping that first Right on the D-pad. Granted, it seems like a minor issue, but it took me a little while to figure out why the codes weren’t working.

I also like the fact that this hack requires secret code entries instead of simply having them immediately available from the character select roster, since this leaves the original base game unchanged for purists who prefer to keep things as they were meant to be. It makes even more sense to do so when keeping in mind that Jade and Smoke both retain their baseline advantages, while Noob is still nothing more than a Sub-Zero pallet swap.

Despite the initially unclear instructions, this is a clever hack with a high-grade cleanliness and execution, and it’s one that I would gladly recommend having as a replacement for the original base game. I also hope that MottZilla will one day expand upon his work and include Kintaro and Shao Kahn, but what he has accomplished here deserves a hearty Dan-Forden “Toasty!”

Version 1.02a Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
To This Hack, I Say "Toasty!"Eldrethor27 Nov 20181.02aYes
Best way to implement this!Rodimus Primal20 Apr 2014N/AYes
mortal kombat 2thainferno30506 Apr 2014N/AYes