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Castlevania III: Curse of the Moon Hack ROM

Hack of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse


Castlevania III: Curse of the Moon

This hack brings CotM characters, enemies and bosses to Castlevania III.

  • Trevor (Miriam),
  • Grant (Zangetsu),
  • Sypha (Alfred),
  • Alucard (Gebel),
  • Death (Bloodless),
  • Dracula 3rd form (Gremory).

There’s a lot of changes here (despite characters), such recolored stages, added shortcuts, modified code, new story and even more!

Some changes to keep in mind…

  • Increased hearts consumption for each subweapon, Dagger 2, Axe 3, Dark Flow 4 (5 in AD), Scythe 5, Ice 4 (now deals damage to bosses in US version), Fire 4 (5 in AD), Lit 5 (6 in AD) Stopwatch 7, Gebel bat form drains hearts faster.
  • Removed III random drop, it only can be found in walls.
  • Shortcuts, Subweapons hall and a well known secret place.
  • Gebel attack in stairs (see readme).
  • Prefixed damage: Miriam and Gebel 3 HP in all levels, Zang and Alfred 3 HP in early and mid levels (weak and normal enemies in AD), 4 HP in last levels (strong enemies in AD).

Update v1.1

  • Enhanced characters sprites.
  • Fixed door bug in Cause Way (AD).
  • Fixed wrong warp in Sunken City (US).
  • Gebel’s attack increased (US).
  • Harder pre-pendulums room (US).
  • Fixed/Added fake floor in Aquarius (AD).
  • Removed Debug mode.

Update v1.2

  • Fixed broken AD ROM (thanks again ReVamp c: )
  • Updated Deja Vu, Riddle and Castle keep Moon with CotM graphics. (US)
  • NO more level layout updates to AD, revamp tends to break the ROM.

Update 1.3 (US only)

  • Fixed Riddle stairs
  • Ship stage with CotM graphics (Stage 5).
  • Removed auto scroll in Clock Tower 1.
  • Bats easier to see.
  • Restored Clock Tower colors and Blue sky.
  • Decreased W consumption for some sub-weapons.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: F91281D5D9CC26BCF6FB4DE2F5BE086BC633D49B
  • ROM SHA-1: 23C4DAFCC17FA75E8D682931702277659CD59735
  • -
  • File MD5 D16A502D0125F23CC3D980DDC6B6F2E8
  • File SHA-1 F91281D5D9CC26BCF6FB4DE2F5BE086BC633D49B
  • File CRC32 7CC9C669
  • ROM MD5 BFC4D9791D9FE9C181DAD794D66DEF4F
  • ROM SHA-1 23C4DAFCC17FA75E8D682931702277659CD59735
  • ROM CRC32 ED2465BE




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Red XHackingCode
Richter RizerDesignZangetsu wall climb sprite

User Review Information

A Neat Idea But Poor Execution

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 16 Oct 2018

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is a fantastic 8-bit love letter to the Castlevania series, and playing as Zangetsu and the gang in true NES form is a great idea, if done correctly. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for this hack, and the design choices that I’ve seen here make for a disappointing experience.

On the surface, this hack replaces the sprites for the existing characters and monsters of Castlevania III with ones from CotM, and while most of it looks okay, there is a lot of room for improvement. Miriam’s jumping sprite lacks the graceful appearance of her original self, and looks oddly disproportionate, which is the result of attempting to squish her sprite into Trevor’s frame. Squeezing Zangetsu into Grant’s small frame makes for a clunky experience, since the game doesn’t realize that you’re playing with a normal-sized character, and this is obvious when trying to jump through tightly spaced platforms.

Another problem is that the deliberate pallet and graphical choices that were made tarnishes the overall presentation of the game. For example, Miriam’s purple sprite blends into the purple sky in the first level, whereas Trevor’s bright tan sprite pops against the dark blue sky. Granted this is a minor complaint that is only seen in a few spots, but her sprite camouflaging into the background is indicative of poor visual design. That and I noticed sloppy lightning effects that appear in a few screens. I also felt that the white outline on certain zombies seem odd, and bats are much harder to spot the background with their outlines removed.

The icing on the cake is the deliberate choice to change the clock tower pallet entirely to shades of gray, which leaves it looking dull and makes platforms and stairs much harder to see, and is further complicated by the addition of a vertical scroll effect in the first screen. I also can’t understand why stairs were placed at the top of the first gate in 1-1, which are reachable with Zangetsu but can’t be climbed. Granted, this could signify a warning to players to be aware of false stairs, but the fact that such false stairs aren’t seen for the remainder of the level is an example of poor game design.

More needs to be done to make Miriam less of a mandatory character as well, which is happening only because Castlevania III keeps Trevor for the entirety of the game. Granted, passwords allow you to start the game with a partner, but there is no way for you to ditch her for any other character, which limits the possible combination of characters you can experiment with.

I also find that the higher cost of sub-weapons leaves them far too limited for what they are. Although I was seldom weapon-starved in the base game, the sub-weapons don’t feel any stronger or have any greater utility, which makes the higher costs unjustifiable and devalue the sub-weapons, which consequently make the C+1 (II) and C+2 (III) power-ups pointless as well. If they were perhaps stronger, faster, or were more useful, I could stand by those higher costs, but not as is.

In some cases, this hack breaks the original game design: for example, the first section of the clock tower stage features a Stopwatch, which is immediately usable in the base game but not in this hack because of the higher cost, and isn’t usable until you’re well past the Red Trevors that block your ascension. The newly-added auto-scrolling in that same level is nonsense as well, as it causes certain monsters to appear at odd points, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, other than to make the game harder.

Overall, this is a 3/10 hack; it wants to be more than just a simple sprite swap, but it needs a lot more work in terms of game mechanics and design. While the effort is commendable, the poor pallet choices tarnish the visual presentation, the increased cost of sub-weapons aren’t justifiable, and the auto-scrolling doesn’t mesh well with the overall level designs. If anything, instead of trying to make a harder Castlevania III with CotM characters, it should strive to be more like The Holy Relics by taking the base game and building upon it with new levels that are designed around these changes. The potential is there, and with more work and some polish, this can be a stellar standalone hack.

Version 1.2 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A Major DisappointmentAceearly199313 Jun 20191.3No
A Neat Idea But Poor ExecutionEldrethor16 Oct 20181.2No
Its A Typical Sprite Switch Up But Its Kinda Okay. Kinda...Sinis08 Oct 20181.0No