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Castlevania 2: Improved Controls

Hack of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest


This hack modernizes the control scheme of Castlevania 2 to make it less frustrating to people used to tighter controls as in Symphony of the Night and Mega Man. It primarily allows the player greater control while jumping and on stairs.

In addition, Simon now blinks when he has invincibility frames, like in Castlevania 1 and 3.

Complete list of changes:

  • Enables the player to control their x-velocity in mid-air while jumping (including while jump-attacking).
  • When releasing the jump button, Simon immediately starts falling again; this allows the player to make smaller hops if desired.
  • After being knocked back, the player regains control after a split second and can angle their fall.
  • When walking off an edge, the player retains control instead of dropping straight down.
  • The player can jump off of stairs at any point in the climb. (However, it is still impossible to land on stairs, so be careful jumping from long flights of stairs over pits.)
  • If the player is struck by an enemy while climbing stairs, they will not be knocked off the stairs. This is the same as the behaviour in Castlevania 1 and 3.
  • Simon blinks rapidly after getting hit, as in Castlevania 1 and 3.

Compatability has been verified with the following hacks:

An additional version is included which is compatible with:

Similar to the Castlevania 1 hack found here and the Akumajou Densetsu (Castlevania 3) hack found here.

Use Lunar IPS to apply the hack to your Castlevania 2 ROM file.


  • V1.1: Increased invincibility frames flicker to 30 Hz, matching the other two games. (In vanilla CV2, there is no indication for invincibility frames at all.)
  • V1.2: Fixed softlock during the intro cutscene for the final boss.
  • V1.3: Added (1) a patch for Bisqwit’s retranslation + map hack, and (2) a README file, and (3) byte-level documentation for the hack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: D6B96FD98AE480C694A103FE9A5D7D84EEAFB6F7
  • ROM SHA-1: 2447D6133573F7ED2CC49DC95B3130427BD4DC35




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Makes the Grandfather of Metroidvanias plays more like it's descendants!

Reviewed By: G061 on 23 Sep 2018

Firstly I want to disagree with the other 3 reviews up so far when they talk about the difficulty in controls in the original trilogy. The first and the third Castlevanias are balanced around this movement so adjustment to movement in those games is unnecessary as far as I’m concerned.

Castlevania 2 however? It needs all the help it can get and it has gotten a lot of it in the form of romhacks through the years. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this one in particular is big for CV2. Castlevania 2 is very similar to 1 at a glance but beneath the surface there are differences in the gameplay that makes how the original movement behaves less than ideal as instead of just an endurance test obstacle level based structure we’re introduced to more elements like backtracking and exploration. Things like how much time you take is actually important now so unlike CV 1 & 3 you really don’t have the same opportunities you did to just try again if you failed a level. In CV 2 if you take too long to clear the game you’re stuck with a bad ending no matter what.

It’s differences like these where the new movement akin to the post SoTN games make a huge difference. Being able to drop from stairs and control your air movement, especially after being attacked makes a ton more sense in this game. Because you’re less prone to make time wasting mistakes you feel more encouraged to perform well under it’s new restrictions.

I love this hack a LOT for those reasons. But partly why I wanted to write this review is also to somehow get word out to the author that this hack doesn’t seem to be compatible with Bisqwit’s Castlevania II English Re-translation (+Map) romhack; when pressing the select button to access the map the game freezes. Really hope they can get this compatible someday as Bisqwit’s hack is just mandatory for CV2 these days.

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Well done but with caveatstimeisup06 Apr 20201.3Yes
Vast ImprovementShade Aurion04 Dec 20181.3Yes
Good hack BUT...omega_rugal15 Oct 20181.3Yes
Fantasticpleasejust03 Oct 20181.3Yes
Makes the Grandfather of Metroidvanias plays more like it's descendants!G06123 Sep 20181.2Yes
Perfect and necessarygordon8121 Sep 20181.0Yes
Absolutely amazing!borgie8321 Sep 20181.0Yes
Great Job!CountBuggula18 Sep 20181.0Yes