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Over the Moon

Hack of Metroid


You play as Bessie, bio-engineered weapon under the employ of the Ax, a powerful alien species that has been monitoring Earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They maintain their secrecy by destroying any evidence of their presence. That’s where you come in. It is your mission to travel into the Bloom Lake Research Facility and erase the data being stored in the central server. Unfortunately, this server is inaccessible without the two passcodes, each protected by powerful defense robots kept elsewhere in the facility.

Explore the BLRF in search of weapons and equipment while avoiding dangerous robots and hazards, track down the two passcodes, and find your way through the security systems to destroy the main computer.

Over the Moon is the creator’s first attempt at a serious total-conversion romhack, and is based on a metroidvania idea he had for a few years about a gun-wielding alien cow. It features a brand new map, new sprites, and slightly modified gameplay (health drop values are increased, missiles are more rare and more valuable)

The main idea for OTM was to take the traditional Metroid format and remove all the boring parts: Long corridors and repetitive climbing, grinding for health, getting lost and having to backtrack, and the end result is, what the creator hopes, a much more streamlined and concise Metroid experience.

The game is fairly open-ended, with the player’s choice of which areas to visit in which order, and new things to do depending on the kind of equipment the player chooses to use and in what order they are picked up.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • rominfo : No-Intro Name: Metroid (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: ECF39EC5A33E6A6F832F03E8FFC61C5D53F4F90B
  • ROM SHA-1: FDBFC7871962F72A1EF57E5A7E456164FB93430B
  • Patched File SHA-1: C245B91204285D3DB3209C29ADACF1959D6072DE
  • Patched ROM SHA-1: 912DA5BCC68EF1D993BD20CCFC9D50C09F58ED5E




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User Review Information

Fun, but needs work.

Reviewed By: CaptGlitch on 01 Sep 2018

This is a pretty neat hack. The graphic design is very well done. General level design is pretty good as well. There isn’t too much to say other than it was pretty rough in the beginning because I needed to explore better. I made pretty steady progress afterwards though. My biggest gripe is the final area. I flat out did not enjoy it. The gimmick with the zebitites was pretty neat, but the maze-like structure overstayed it’s welcome to me. I spent way too long trying to figure out how to get the last zebitite in particular. However, I will say that can attributed to me being bad. My biggest problem with it however, is the stupid amount of rinkas and the unfixed drops. The rinkas would often spawn on top of me before I knew they were there, hit me in doors, and combo me for 2 to 3 etanks at a time in very particular spots. The lack of a refill system or fixed drops is also REALLY annoying. Running out of ammo is punished with having to go all the way back to a refill bug in order to farm properly. I feel as these two things made me almost dislike the hack. They certainly made me despise the final area. Otherwise, it’s pretty solid. Good work.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Fun, but needs work.CaptGlitch01 Sep 20181.0Yes