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Mega Man X6 Tweaks

Hack of Mega Man X6


EDIT 2018.08.07: A couple of very serious bugs from v14 have been fixed. Check the readme!

Tweaks to make Mega Man X6 more enjoyable. Starting from v14, this patch comes with three variants:

Light: Various tweaks without cutting any content. Recommended for a first playthrough.


  • Beating Nightmare Zero on Lvl. 4 unlocks Black Zero. This is coded in the original game, but the original souls requirements for Ranks/events wouldn’t allow it to happen normally (see below).
  • Reaching Rank UH unlocks the Ultimate Armor.
  • Cheat Code 1 (Ultimate Armor) now gives both Ultimate Armor and Black Zero.
  • Cheat Code 2 (Black Zero) has now been repurposed to start the game with Zero available, allowing for a Zero vs. Nightmare Zero match (you can have him earn his Black Zero form himself)
  • Both cheat codes can be combined.

Parts, Ranks, and Nightmare Souls

  • Parts are no longer permanently missable. Injured Reploids reappear after getting infected or killed as if you’ve never encountered them.
  • Parts allowance by Rank has been edited from 0/0/0/1/2/2/3/4 to 1/1/1/2/2/3/4/4 so you can equip at least one part right from the start.
  • Rank progression has been edited from to 0/200/300/500/800/1500/5000/9999 to 0/200/300/500/800/1500/2500/4000, so Level 4 boss battle start sooner (Rank PA, 2500), and the newly added unlockables of Rank UH can be reached without excessive grinding.
  • Story scenes unlocked by reaching 3000 are now split and set to match Rank PA (2500) and Rank UH (4000) respectively. As noted above, this allows you to encounter Nightmare Zero Lvl. 4, which isn’t possible in the original game (Lvl. 4 bosses appear at Rank PA, Rank PA requires 5000 souls, but at 3000 souls the game would trigger an event that would make Nightmare Zero not appear anymore).
  • Dynamo’s Green Orbs drops have been increased from 200 to 600 souls (each). If you’re grinding souls with Dynamo, you might as well get it over with faster.

Game Mechanics

  • X and Zero now share Heart Tanks, Life Up parts, Energy Up parts, Souls, and Rank.
  • Blade Armor’s Mach Dash no longer has a delay at the start, has been slightly slowed down for better controllability, and can be cancelled by moving to the opposite direction, just like the regular Air Dash.
  • Dash and Air Dashes with the Hyper Dash part equipped have been made a bit longer.
  • Armorless X has now the same defense as the armors, and has the ability to Air Dash, to make him a viable alternative to Falcon Armor at the start of the game (Zero still has lower defense, as his attacks are a lot stronger)
  • Shadow Armor now also has the ability to Air Dash

Game Mechanics (contributed by Z3R0X)

  • Zero’s Sentsuizan has been remapped (from Up + Main attack to Up + Secondary Attack) and it’s execution method has been changed to Hold/Release, so you can cancel it anytime.
  • Height of Zero’s Hyoroga and Shadow Armor’s ceiling jump has been increased (enough to reach Rainy Turtloid’s ceiling)
  • X’s Saber’s speed has been slightly increased.
  • Shadow Armor’s Saber can be cancelled by alternating it with dashing, just like the regular one.

Damage Charts

  • Blade Armor’s moves deal a bit more damage against all enemies.
  • Bonus damage against Nightmare Snake (aka Donuts, x4 damage) and against Nightmare Mother (Gate’s Lab 1 boss, x2 damage).

Complete: A heavier cut of annoyances and other tweaks. Recommended for repeated playthroughs.

All modifications from the Light version, plus:

  • Disables all “Nightmare Effects” (hazards on stages activated by the previous stage visited)
  • “Exit Stage” button always available
  • Disables Alia’s alerts and other dialogues inside stages (all except dialogues with bosses)
  • Disables Stage Select screen dialogues stages
  • All injured Reploids not holding any items are marked as “MISSING” at the start of the game, drastically reducing the number of Reploids clogging stages (keeping only the ones that matter).
  • Disables injured Reploids giving extra lifes. Instead you get a consistenly higher number of lives (from 2 normal/4 with EX Tank, to 4 normal/6 with EX Tank).
  • Nightmare Virus’ Blue Orbs will always appear (would normally reappear only after a Nightmare Effects has been activated for the corresponding stage)
  • Blue Orbs left alone not turn back into a Nightmare Virus

Uber Blade Armor: Just for fun

All modifications from the Complete version, plus:

  • Blade Armor available from the start
  • Blade Armor’s Mach Dash mechanic changed to Hold/Release, with unlimited duration. Can be repeated all you want on a single jump. Deals as much damage as the Nova Strike.
  • Can now start any air move after a dash jump.

All these options, and others, can be completely customized using the Mega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher. Also, all the information required to make these and other changes manually can be found on the Mega Man X6 Tweaks Spreadsheet. Both also available in

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man X6 (USA) (v1.1) [Redump]




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
injoon84HackingGameshark addresses. Bug hunter.
Z3R0XHackingSentsuizan remap hack

User Review Information

Makes An Intolerable Game Much More Tolerable

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 31 Jul 2018

Megaman X6 is one of those miserable games where quality-of-life changes can only improve the game so much, but I commend acediez for all of the hard work that went into this hack.

This hack indeed corrects many of the frustrations that made the original game hard to deal with, including the permanent loss of rescued reploids, Alia’s commentaries that would break the pacing of the game, the Nightmare system that made levels punishingly hard, the accidental Sentsuizan that would hurl Zero into the bottoms of pits, and so much more. All of the changes made here make for a much more enjoyable experience than before.

The game is still plagued by numerous other issues: convoluted level designs, punishing enemy designs and placements, mediocre weapons and special moves, and other problems. None of these are going away without a complete makeover, but acediez certainly made the experience a lot less painful, and for that, I highly recommend this hack. 10/10 for a job well done.

Version 05 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The Best of the BestAceearly199316 Aug 201815Yes
Brilliant HackCupshadow06 Aug 201814Yes
The "Sonic 3 Complete" of Mega Man hacks.BlazeHeatnix06 Aug 201814Yes
Makes An Intolerable Game Much More TolerableEldrethor31 Jul 201805Yes