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Pokémon Throwback

Hack of Pokémon: FireRed Version


Pokémon Throwback is a hack created to serve as the definitive version of the original Kanto journey. Based off of Pokémon FireRed, Throwback includes a bevy of features and fixes to make it worth using over the base games.


  • A GB Player item allows for players to hear the original 8-bit music in the game, as well as switch between it and the standard FR/LG music at any time.
  • Reasonable Pokémon placement throughout the game - taking cues from all iterations of the first generation games, including Yellow and Japanese Blue - ensures that all Pokémon from the first two generations are obtainable through official-esque means (including canon evolution methods).
  • The main characters now wear clothing similar to their initial depictions in the original games and related media.
  • All text has been decapitalized in a manner consistent with the most recent games.
  • TMs and move tutors are infinitely reusable.
  • Various bug fixes for the original game.
  • Trees only need to be cut once, you can run indoors, several more items are now obtainable within the game, many “tutorial” moments from the game have been removed, and much, much more!

Note that the title of the hack in-game is simply Pokémon (subtitled “Pocket Monsters” in the credits). This is because the game within is an updated edition of the original adventure from 1996 (1998 internationally) and is version-agnostic.

Users can apply the entire patch, or pick certain options from the individual patches located in the folders from the .zip download if they so choose.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon - Fire Red Version (USA).gba - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: DD88761C
  • MD5: E26EE0D44E809351C8CE2D73C7400CDD
  • SHA-256: 3D0C79F1627022E18765766F6CB5EA067F6B5BF7DCA115552189AD65A5C3A8AC




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Faraway Island removed?!

Reviewed By: Thirteen 1355 on 08 Aug 2018

While I can wholeheartedly recommend Pokémon Throwback in general, some decisions were made in the recent patches that I consider to be incredibly backwards and contrary to the intent of this hack: Make all Pokémon from Kanto and Johto obtainable in-game.

Version 161104 completely removed the best possible reward you could get for catching all of the 150 Kanto Pokémon: a small new area (lifted from Pokémon Emerald) containing the elusive 151th Pokémon Mew. Instead of being able to obtain Mew in the game, you now have a knockoff of the all-time favourite Event giveaway. All you have to do now, is to use a save file designed for the vanilla Fire Red and Leaf Green, connect the vanilla game and this hack through emulated Link Cable, and trade over a free, not hard-earned Mew. No longer does getting Mew feel like part of the game, let alone as a reward for obtaining all 150 Pokémon. You can trade the Mew into your ROM whenever you want. This could be a neat little extra, an Event giveaway mockup, but in this case, it replaces a feature that made this game a ‘Catch ‘Em All’ hack.

Therefore, I recommend people to look up an earlier version of this patch instead, lower than v16110. There, Faraway Island is reachable once you catch all 150 Kanto Pokémon. Mew awaits…

EDIT: On another note, I noticed the two Johto “Eeveelutions”, Espeon and Umbreon, are no longer available in Throwback, as the creator removed the Real Time Clock necessary to make this possible. Why he did this is completely beyond me, but this means the latest versions of this hack no longer hold true to the “Catch ‘em all” phrase.

Version 170328 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Faraway Island removed?!Thirteen 135508 Aug 2018170328No
Best Pokemon Game EVERKrazzyklown25 Nov 20153.9.1cYes
The definitive FireRed.Chronosplit29 Mar 2017v170328Yes