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Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.1 (Base Mod & Source)

Hack of Mega Man X3


Note: The project comes with a separate .txt inside for the new locations of many RAM values used in this project since most of the original Game Genie codes used will no longer work due to vast amounts of location changes. Use this file for various cheating needs.

A large modification of Mega Man X3 that allows Zero to be fully playable. Among this, there are vast improvements over some aspects of the original game along with a plethora of new features such as a Save/Load system. Also, the game has been modified to be ‘FastROM’ as well so some slow down has been reduced, but it’s still prevalent throughout the game.

This version is considered separate from the original Zero Project since this one has such an entirely rewritten system from the ground up and separate features that people may or may not like compared to the prior version.

The project comes with four separate patches:

  • Unheadered for an unheadered ROM
  • Headered for a headered ROM
  • Unheadered with Zero sub-weapon colors (Uses X’s) for an unheadered ROM
  • Headered with Zero sub-weapon colors (Uses X’s) for a headered ROM

This is so all grounds are covered for mistakes on patching minus the wrong ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country USA
  • File MD5 CFE8C11F0DCE19E4FA5F3FD75775E47C
  • File SHA-1 B226F7EC59283B05C1E276E2F433893F45027CAC
  • File CRC32 FA0FE671
  • ROM MD5 CFE8C11F0DCE19E4FA5F3FD75775E47C
  • ROM SHA-1 B226F7EC59283B05C1E276E2F433893F45027CAC
  • ROM CRC32 FA0FE671
  • Mega Man X 3 (U).smc




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Metalwario64GraphicsMiscellanous palette and sprite updates also Zero's GET WEAPON image
SolrenGraphicsProviding the Z-Buster icon

User Review Information

The DEFINITIVE version of MMX3 hands down!

Reviewed By: star_scream1646 on 28 Jul 2018

This hack by Justin3009 is simply amazing! He did what Capcom never did, and that was make Zero a REAL fully playable character like he should have always been in MMX3. Zero can fight bosses and get special weapons, and can now also obtain Sub-Tanks and Heart-Tanks as well. And the presentation is spot on since Zero now also has his own dialogue for scenes where you play as him and they fit his character perfectly! Like the intro stage, when he meets Vile Mk2 and you even get new dialogue from Dr.Light when you find one of his capsule as Zero. Zero even has his own get weapon portrait which fits right into the game and looks awesome!

Besides that Justin3009 also added a new save feature which looks very nice and clean. It shows you all your current progress, like how many Sub-Tanks or Heart Tanks you’ve collected or which Mavericks you’ve defeated and much more. Also included is a new game plus mode which is implemented very well and is very enjoyable just to see. There is also various improvements to the game which now make it very enjoyable when compared to the original. Like reducing backtracking by making it possible to use Zero’s saber to destroy certain obstacles, like the boulder that needs to be destroyed in Tunnel Rhino’s stage to get a Heart-Tank. And what I enjoy the most is that he changed X’s Wave Shot when you combine both charge shots, which makes it more useful when compared to the original.

I could never beat Sigma in the original version of MMX3, but with these improvements I was finally able to beat him after so many years. If I had never played the original version of MMX3 and had been presented with this hack, I would never had thought that I was playing a hack! Since again the presentation is spot on and done in a very professional manner that one would think this was the original game that came out in 1995!

I don’t think I see myself playing the original version of MMX3 ever again, unless I were to play it just for nostalgia. This is now the DEFINITIVE way to play this game and now brings it to the same level as the other two MMX games for the SNES.

A solid 10 out of 10!!!

Version 4.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Replaces the original as the definitive version.MisterGuyMan28 Jan 20204.0Yes
Recommended... with reservationspleasejust11 Jan 20204.0Yes
X is not dead.StarWyvwern06 Jan 20204.0Yes
The Mega Man X3 experience everyone should try.Sonic1097403 Dec 20194.0Yes
The Definitive X3 ExperienceG30FF30 May 20194.0Yes
Awesome!KaiserHelder12 May 20194.0Yes
The QoL changes alone do wondersgamedominator0615 Jan 20194.0Yes
Undoubtedly THE best version of MMX3!phantom_with_a_rose18 Dec 20184.0Yes
The Definitive VersionTrisma12 Aug 20184.0Yes
Great update to a great hackthecowwarrior29 Jul 20184.0Yes
The DEFINITIVE version of MMX3 hands down!star_scream164628 Jul 20184.0Yes
Replace your copy with thisParkerMcFly26 Jul 20184.0Yes
Undoubtedly The Hack of the Year, 2018Eldrethor23 Jul 20184.0Yes