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Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.1 (Base Mod & Source)

Hack of Mega Man X3


Note: The project comes with a separate .txt inside for the new locations of many RAM values used in this project since most of the original Game Genie codes used will no longer work due to vast amounts of location changes. Use this file for various cheating needs.

A large modification of Mega Man X3 that allows Zero to be fully playable. Among this, there are vast improvements over some aspects of the original game along with a plethora of new features such as a Save/Load system. Also, the game has been modified to be ‘FastROM’ as well so some slow down has been reduced, but it’s still prevalent throughout the game.

This version is considered separate from the original Zero Project since this one has such an entirely rewritten system from the ground up and separate features that people may or may not like compared to the prior version.

The project comes with four separate patches:

  • Unheadered for an unheadered ROM
  • Headered for a headered ROM
  • Unheadered with Zero sub-weapon colors (Uses X’s) for an unheadered ROM
  • Headered with Zero sub-weapon colors (Uses X’s) for a headered ROM

This is so all grounds are covered for mistakes on patching minus the wrong ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country USA
  • File MD5 CFE8C11F0DCE19E4FA5F3FD75775E47C
  • File SHA-1 B226F7EC59283B05C1E276E2F433893F45027CAC
  • File CRC32 FA0FE671
  • ROM MD5 CFE8C11F0DCE19E4FA5F3FD75775E47C
  • ROM SHA-1 B226F7EC59283B05C1E276E2F433893F45027CAC
  • ROM CRC32 FA0FE671
  • Mega Man X 3 (U).smc




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Metalwario64GraphicsMiscellanous palette and sprite updates also Zero's GET WEAPON image
SolrenGraphicsProviding the Z-Buster icon

User Review Information

Undoubtedly The Hack of the Year, 2018

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 23 Jul 2018

If this site had an award system, then the highest honors would go to Justin3009 without question. This is an absolutely ambitious hack that completely pulls Zero out of the sidekick role and places him on the same level playing field as X, going so far as being able to start the game as Zero, having his own portrait displayed when a weapon is acquired, and given his own unique dialog that fits his character perfectly. He also gets bonus points for his excellent use of grammar and spelling.

But that was just the original intent of his work; he took his hack to some unimaginable heights of awesomeness.

Justin went even further and replaced the password system with a full internal save/load feature. On one hand, it does away with the ability to skip straight to the last Sigma stages with full weapons and upgrades, but on the other hand, not having to jot down passwords far outweighs this, and puts it more in line with the later X games. I also feel that the first page of five data slots is plenty, but it’s nice having the whopping twenty for players who can make use of it.

The same bugfixes and balances changes from the last version are still present, along with some further refinements and some much-welcomed quality-of-life changes. Granted, the base game still has its glaring faults, but these changes make the game much more enjoyable than without. Heck, he even a New Game+ that allow players to replay the game with all items, armor, and upgrades intact, which is an absolute treat.

If there are any bugs to be had, I haven’t encountered any; Zero’s mouth moves in places where he is given his new dialog, saving and loading works perfectly, the sound and graphics look clean, and everything plays smoothly.

No scoring system of any kind would do justice to the amount of quality and work that was put into this hack; this is a stellar job that transcends hacking and transforms the original base game into something far superior. Hands down, this is a highly-recommended upgrade that makes the original game laughably disappointing.

Version 4.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Replaces the original as the definitive version.MisterGuyMan28 Jan 20204.0Yes
Recommended... with reservationspleasejust11 Jan 20204.0Yes
X is not dead.StarWyvwern06 Jan 20204.0Yes
The Mega Man X3 experience everyone should try.Sonic1097403 Dec 20194.0Yes
The Definitive X3 ExperienceG30FF30 May 20194.0Yes
Awesome!KaiserHelder12 May 20194.0Yes
The QoL changes alone do wondersgamedominator0615 Jan 20194.0Yes
Undoubtedly THE best version of MMX3!phantom_with_a_rose18 Dec 20184.0Yes
The Definitive VersionTrisma12 Aug 20184.0Yes
Great update to a great hackthecowwarrior29 Jul 20184.0Yes
The DEFINITIVE version of MMX3 hands down!star_scream164628 Jul 20184.0Yes
Replace your copy with thisParkerMcFly26 Jul 20184.0Yes
Undoubtedly The Hack of the Year, 2018Eldrethor23 Jul 20184.0Yes