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SMB3: The Rainbow Realms

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 3


Featuring a fresh set of vivid, newly themed worlds, The Rainbow Realms is a complete 8 world hack, with level design aimed to emulate the style and creativity of the original SMB3. The difficulty curve is aimed at the average to good player of SMB3, though there are some challenging levels and a couple of difficult puzzles in the last few worlds.

Good luck, and enjoy the exploration of this colourful collection of levels!

UPDATED 7th April ‘18:


  • fixed pipe to nowhere bug found in World 3


  • fixed occasional lag that can occur in 7-5
  • repositioned blocks in 7-8
  • minor cosmetic changes in two places


  • fixed pipe bug at the end of a world 5 level

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Super Mario Bros. 3 (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: A03E7E526E79DF222E048AE22214BCA2BC49C449
  • ROM SHA-1: A611B90B4833B20A364BF06EE3BE3B9093EA4DF9
  • ROM CRC32 A0B0B742
  • ROM SHA-1 A611B90B4833B20A364BF06EE3BE3B9093EA4DF9




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Casual Mario Review.

Reviewed By: antiheroforhire on 11 Apr 2018

This is coming from a very casual Mario player. I actually consider my skill very high in video games, but very low in Mario games. We’ve always been bad at the legacy Mario games, but that won’t stop me from remaining objective, and hopefully this encourages other casual Mario players to check it out.

I stream on Twitch and a buddy and I recently blind raced this. To put a time stamp on it, it took me just under six hours to beat blind with no save states and very little Mario experience - a bulk of that time in world 7 and 8. He cleared it in about 3 and a half hours (he normally runs Mario games). There’s a few graphical glitches/glitches, one I can’t remember, but two (non-gamebreaking ones as of version 1.3) are:

  • In the puzzle state with the fire flower/leaf, the doughnut blocks at the top of the stage turn into weird enemies if you let them unbalance and fall.
  • In world 8 you can walk into part of the overworld (doesn’t cause any harm.)

There was one more, but I forget what Byrdman said.

Anyway, overall, this is very polished and felt pretty fair.

Pros: + Good pacing. + Partially good difficulty curve. + Good level design. Somewhat non-linear as well, as even though it is Mario and yes, hold right to progress, in some levels there was branching paths. + Clever logical puzzles, although some of the solutions require non-logical and spacial thinking (e.g - the feather/fire flower one mentioned above.) + Very rarely I felt the game killed me because it was being cheap. For the most part, I always felt it was my fault minus two exceptions: a door with thwomps and a stage with falling Goombas - although the latter was easy to avoid if I took my time. + Very aesthetically pleasing.


  • Difficulty ramps up in level 7/8 and feels unbalanced compared to the rest of the game. I feel worlds 1-6 are more “casual” and I didn’t really suffer much going through them, but I saw tons of game overs getting through world 7 and 8. This isn’t really a con, as they are beatable without save states, but a lot of the levels in both those worlds require a lot of deaths to learn how to properly go through them.

+/- = Power-ups are rare when it comes to casual play. In-game and in mushroom houses, I constantly found myself with nothing in reserve. I actually think this is also a pro, as it makes the game more challenging, but it’s also the reason in later levels you die so much as well. You’ll find yourself literally as small Mario and a handful of lives left.

Overall, try this out if you’re versed enough in Mario.

I suck at Mario, enjoyed it and beat it.

Take care creator. Thanks for the hack. :)

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
This is a must playj1ggy26 Aug 20201.3Yes
This is what a SMB3 hack should look like!werewolfslayr92503 Apr 20191.3Yes
Colorful in Many WaysMother Kojiro01 Mar 20191.3Yes
SOLID and FUNbeinor28 Jul 20181.3Yes
Casual Mario Review.antiheroforhire11 Apr 20181.3Yes
Pretty good!Jimmy John Joe31 Mar 20181.0Yes