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Zelda3 Parallel Worlds

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


A complete The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past hack.

Everything is brand new. Dungeons, overworlds, etc. It even has new music!

This hack does a fantastic job of letting you re-live the old classic while adding a new degree of difficulty that challenges even the elite!

The 10-year anniversary update by qwertymodo has brought a bunch of new and exciting features that help to re-balance much of the game, as well as bring a fresh new gameplay experience. Check the README for more information!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past, The (NA) (1.0).sfc
  • CRC32: 777AAC2F
  • MD5: 608C22B8FF930C62DC2DE54BCD6EBA72
  • SHA-1: 6D4F10A8B10E10DBE624CB23CF03B88BB8252973
  • SHA-256: 66871D66BE19AD2C34C927D6B14CD8EB6FC3181965B6E517CB361F7316009CFB




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
EuclidOriginal HackingSupervisor, dungeon design, ASM
SePHOriginal HackingOverworld design, GFX editing
ConHackingASM work for v1.2
qwertymodoHackingSupervisor for v1.2, inserting Con's ASM, beta testing
PuzzleDudeHackingSupervisor for version 1.23, beta testing and debugging for v1.23

User Review Information

Excellent but with "flaws"

Reviewed By: g4z3 on 16 Mar 2018

I just defeated Ganon and “finished” the first run of the game. It was a train of all kinds of emotions, from sheer despair to a satisfactory feeling not found on any other hack rom (or even another game).

What I have to say is that Lumine’s review has something really fair and should be taken in consideration for newer versions. I played it on an emulator and had to constantly save and load states even when I had my bottles full of faeries. I think later on the extreme difficulty isn’t a problem, given that you have 1/4 magic and Cane of Byrna (I think that’s why the difficult is high, because in the original game Cane of Byrna isn’t even necessary, so PW gives Cane of Byrna a very high usage). But, considering this, Cane of Byrna should be available much sooner if the difficulty is to be just as it is now, or, making the difficulty exponentially harder as the game progresses, this way the Cane doesn’t feel too late in the game. Also, addressing Lumine, more pots/skulls containing hearts should be mandatory, because the way I say it, playing this with save states shouldn’t be the “way to go”.

Another thing is that I didn’t find too suitable was the info you get from the game, for example the purpose of the 2nd mushroom, which I don’t want to tell here as to not spoil any newcomers (this is really good, having 2 mushrooms to add more “unlockable” stuff), can only be found in some random hidden room in a dark (ice) world dungeon. This should be told by some NPC or maybe by some maiden in one of their recordings.

And please, what the hell is wrong with the Lost Woods Labyrinth? I didn’t find any info on that in the game (after hours of traveling/looking for something) so I gave up and just read in some FAQ that it is “almost impossible to figure out”. If it is “almost impossible” then it’s “possible”, I thought that one of the Clues you get from one of the maidens was telling something about it, since very high up at the Parallel Tower I think the directions you have to take are similar (because they are not the same) to the ones you need for the Lost Woods. The problem is, this is almost at the end of game! And you need the Lost Woods combination to get there in the first place!

All in all though, it’s an excellent romhack, I really liked that there was more heart pieces than the original and that you have to use your items more, like the Magic Cape and the Cane of Byrna (and of course, the bottles!, you NEED them full)

If you really mind the sheer difficulty from the dungeons, try the “Remodel” version, but don’t miss out Parallel Worlds!

Version 1.23 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Well done, but too much backtrackingAce of Spades29 Aug 20191.23Yes
Too Hard for Me But Not Un-Funavrysatos04 May 20191.23Yes
Excellent but with "flaws"g4z316 Mar 20181.23Yes
Parallel Worlds, Skew Troubles, Perpendicular challengeLumine23 Oct 20171.23No
Parallel ForcesViolentForce27 Dec 20151.1Yes
It's Like Expert Mode!TheLuigiLightning01 Jun 20151.1Yes
Good but DifficultIlPalazzo29 May 20151.1Yes
Like a cold showerSunGodPortal16 Oct 2013N/ANo
Fantastic, Great Replay Valuedissident17 Nov 2012N/AYes
Good, but hard.austin514102 Sep 2012N/AYes
Fantastic!Hrith07 Feb 2011N/AYes
Difficult, But Quite Engaging!Klaviaturist22 Oct 2010N/AYes
Master Hackpuzzledude22 Oct 2010N/AYes
Much Too Difficultgeocache28 Feb 2010N/ANo
Difficult but funBond69704 Sep 2009N/AYes
Should be redoneMelanyKoura16 Aug 2009N/ANo