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Mission: Hurry Up, Mario Bros.

Hack of New Super Mario Bros.


Each level, except the tower, castle and 1-B, has 100 seconds. The player will be forced to the flagpole area after collecting a Star Coin. Players must finish “missions” to get a Star Coin. No checkpoints will be provided for every single level. Levels start off pretty hard. A partial custom world map is available.

This hack contains 1 world, 9 levels, and 27 Star Coins in total.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country - USA:
  • 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U)(Psyfer).nds
  • SHA-1: A22713711B5CD58DFBAFC9688DADEA66C59888CE
  • MD5: A2DDBA012E5C3C2096D0BE57CC273BE5
  • CRC32: 0197576A




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
skawoHackingASM Hacks
grishhungMusicMusic in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
MeroMeroHackingASM Hacks

User Review Information

Does what it aims to do

Reviewed By: PowerPanda on 03 Mar 2018

When I saw this hack, I thought it was kind of like New Super Luigi U, where you have shorter stages with a limited amount of time. That expectation almost kept me from enjoying it. This hack tries to do its own thing, and it mostly succeeds. It hack features 9 mini stages with 4 exits each… the main exit and 3 star coin exits. You will need to play each level a minimum of 4 times in order to complete the game. If this sounds like your thing, you’ll enjoy this game. Personally, it wasn’t my thing. I liked a lot of the puzzle elements, but I didn’t like having to replay the same stage over and over again. I’m still giving it a recommendation though, because it’s all about preference.

Notes: There is a bug in the auto-scroll level that allows a pipe to take you beyond the edge of where the screen has scrolled to.

Also, in my original review I said there was one star coin that was impossible to get (the 1st coin on the last level). The hack creator emailed me to reveal that you must play as Mario to get it. It still requires almost perfect input, but it is possible to get.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Does what it aims to doPowerPanda03 Mar 20181.1Yes