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Mortal Kombat II Unlimited

Hack of Mortal Kombat 2


Mortal Kombat II Unlimited is a full scale hack of the Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat II game, Originally work on the hack ceased with version 07, but in 2011 version 1.0 was released which added many new graphical features.

  • Added a combo system;
  • Secret fighters now fully playable;
  • Bosses now fully playable;
  • More new sounds;
  • New Select Screen and Main Menu;
  • New stages and music from Mortal Kombat 1;
  • New moves such as Brutality;
  • New Game Modes such as Practice and Endurance;
  • Returned biographies/Endings/Intro/VS-screens from the arcade version;
  • and many more…

Full readme file in the archive. Enjoy :)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mortal Kombat II (World).md - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: A9E013D8
  • MD5: C8E887CA9CDDE7BDE85F324F66D34B2D
  • SHA-1: AF6D2DB16F2B76940FF5A9738F1E00C4E7EA485E
  • SHA-256: E8D4514EBCB91E09FFA636268660E7B3E24317E95179C3A9572F58C40866B747




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User Review Information

An Even More Complete Experience Than The Arcade Version

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 27 Feb 2018

Mortal Kombat II has often been hailed as the best game in the series, at least up to MK9 in 2011, and the Genesis version was a pretty good port of the game. Smoke managed to take this and inject an incredible amount of life into the game, and turned it into an experience that rivals (if not surpasses) the original arcade version.

Having all five unplayable characters available is a huge treat. From a technical standpoint, Jade, Smoke, and Noob Saibot are little more than faster pallet swaps of the other ninjas, but being able to play with them in their debut incarnations is a blast. And as expected, the two bosses are beastly overpowered. Having Ermac thrown in as a hidden battle also brought a smile to my face, as did the other things that were added, like the omitted character name announcements and backstory cards.

The running and dial-a-combo system are neat additions and are optional for those who want an experience closer to that of MK3. While they both work well enough, the softer presentation of either feature doesn’t quite deliver the same level of audio-visual impact as in MK3. Both are conveniently managed in the options menu, so you can do neither, or one, or both.

The Practice and Endurance modes also provide a more complete console experience. Granted, the former could’ve benefited from an exit command to return the player back to the title screen, but it’s nothing a hard reset can’t fix. However, this brings us to one issue that I encountered.

My only gripe is that while it’s nice having the omitted prologue added back in, it’s actually not possible to cut straight to the title screen. Granted, you can mash B to jump to the next story card, but this only adds to the already long chain of screens leading into the title.

Despite that annoyance, this hack is an absolute dream. Even without the expanded roster, it adds back so much of what was taken out, and goes well beyond what the arcade version offered. The run/combo features aren’t for me personally, but they still breathe a lot of new life into this game and makes for a great segue into MK3. This hack is easily 9/10.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
An Even More Complete Experience Than The Arcade VersionEldrethor27 Feb 20181.0Yes
Amazing hack!failrunner17 Sep 2014N/AYes
This is a Jewel!Pantamorph18 Sep 2009N/AYes
Great hackspencer597605 Sep 2009N/AYes