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The Legend of Zelda - Relocalized

Hack of The Legend of Zelda


This is an English “relocalization/restoration” patch for the original North American NES version of The Legend of Zelda. The aim is to provide an English localization that is more faithful to the Japanese version. There isn’t much text in this game, but what is there have been cleaned up and revised for an improved presentation.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda (U) (PRG0)
  • No-Intro: Legend of Zelda, The (USA)
  • CRC32: 3FE272FB
  • MD5: 337BD6F1A1163DF31BF2633665589AB0
  • File SHA-1: DAB79C84934F9AA5DB4E7DAD390E5D0C12443FA2
  • ROM SHA-1: A12D74C73A0481599A5D832361D168F4737BBCF6




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
KillerBobScript Editing/RevisionHacking
TomatoOriginal TranslationLegends of Localization

User Review Information

Not a proper relocalization.

Reviewed By: BlazeHeatnix on 31 Jan 2018

This basically copy and pastes what Tomato wrote on LOL. The problem is that Tomato’s translations were quick, dirty and literal. For example, he states that the old man will say “It’s dangerous to go alone. I’ll give you this.” But he also says that the old man says it in a very “old wise man” sort of way, which was lost in translation.

So if this game were properly relocalized, the script would say something like “Hyrule is a dangerous land. I will give you aid.” It’s not perfect, but it’s similar to what a real localization team would write.

In addition, there are some Japanese lines that don’t actually get the point across that they need to. The White Sword requires a certain number of hearts to claim it, but neither line makes this clear. A good replacement would be something like “If you are strong enough, you will be worthy to have this.”

Version 0.9 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Not a proper relocalization.BlazeHeatnix31 Jan 20180.9No
Excellent, but..Rafaelele02 Aug 20170.9Yes
Thank you.Animation Guru14 Apr 20160.9Yes