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Aria of Sorrow: Julius Story Mode Hack

Hack of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


Here is the correct 1.4 update. Please look over the updated README file as well.

A few more changes have been made. Some enemy data entries that mentioned Soma have been edited and more healing items have been added to curb the difficulty. The updated README will go into more detail.

This is a “what if” scenario for Aria of Sorrow. It follows the same plot line as the original game, but Soma is not present. J comes to the Shrine attempting to regain his memories and has to explore the castle to regain his abilities. The entire story has been rewritten to focus on J (Julius) and his interactions with the original cast. He has his subweapons from the original, as well as others that have been added. There have been additions to equipment and items as well. Certain items and enemies have been edited within the castle to give the game a fresh feel. Be sure the read the READ ME file. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Unmodded:
  • No-Intro Entry: Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (USA)
  • External Header: No
  • ROM Size: 6.31MB
  • CRC32: 03B97719
  • MD5: 4DDE5C64AD0997E7BB0A74D3A0C4BFD0
  • SHA-1: 0D2507B8B80D469C95EEC17A429FBBBAB053FCB9
  • -
  • Modded:
  • No-Intro Entry: Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (USA) [Aria of Sorrow Spoof]
  • External Header: No
  • ROM Size: 6.31MB
  • CRC32: 23634EA1
  • MD5: 0184EE70E94DD360239851F616A9007A
  • SHA-1: D4BBCEE204372A1C11D7B8233C14FC5087C9869C




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

One of the best Belmont style modes ever!

Reviewed By: Faz rank 4 on 25 Jan 2018

From all Belmonts in series, there are only 3, that I really like. Richter (as a villain in SOTN, curse that outdated ROB costume though), Ralf (CoD shows him better, than any other game I think) & Julius (sadly he was not very active in the story, due to memory problem). So when I got the chance to play as J in his own story mode, I was very excited. Most important for me was, that this is a modification of original game, so it can be played on many devices (I prefer portable gaming). First thing I liked was the feel of progress, that this story offers. J restores memory & becomes stronger & the story, not in gameplay only. For Soma, there was no such feel of progress in the story. Only the moment, when Graham is shocked with Soma`s powers. Also J`s bluff part was great. I cant stand foolish protagonists, that tricked by enemies every couple of minutes. Idea with replacing NPC J is great too. Gameplay side was very fun. Only Richter in SOTN gives me same feel of joy in battle (again, ONLY with the right costume). Julius got many new skills, which is another strong side of this hack. There even some moments of humor, like Dracula`s tunic, wall chicken or Chaos ring. There is even a special surprice for people, who will hack the game. Small downside of this modification is glitches, but none of them caused me enough problems, to quit the game. Even the level reset which I only got once (Headhunter could not spawn) was no big deal. I just run around, got J to LV10 & easily kill the boss, using items (I had huge amount of them by that point). And minor bugs is not something, that can stop me from enjoying the game I like.

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
It has potential, but it needs a lot of work.Malaert6404 Oct 20211.4No
The potential for greatness is thereScposteel07 Feb 20211.4No
Great Concept.StarWyvern16 Dec 20191.4Yes
REALLY fun, but has issuesradzo7328 May 20191.4Yes
A few ups and downs, but overall worth getting.TLGOfficial16 Mar 20191.4Yes
One of the best Belmont style modes ever!Faz rank 425 Jan 20181.2Yes
A very interesting hack, yet there's just a few things I find annoying.CheatJoker00823 Jan 20181.2Yes
MOSTLY Good, But....jm10288714 Jan 20181.0No