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Final Fantasy V - GBA Script Port

Hack of Final Fantasy V


As the name implies, this hack is a complete port of the English GBA game’s script over the original RPGe fan translation, using Noisecross’ FFe Text Editor v1.6. This hack replaces all in-game field text, battle text, spell names, item names, monster names etc. with their relevant GBA equivalents, except where compromises had to be made to accommodate the stricter space limitations of the SNES game. An attempt was made to prefer new creative names over jarring abbreviations where necessary to fit space limitations. Graphics for the fonts were also edited, with the main variable-width font replaced with the thin font from Earthbound, purely because it allowed more space for text, especially in battle. NOTE: As of v1.04, this font has been replaced with a thin font that resembles the font from FF4, for greater consistency.

The project thread is here.

The patch should be applied to an unheadered, Japanese Final Fantasy V ROM.

As of v1.1, the new spell system (-aga, -ara) is used rather than the old numbered system.

As of v1.07, the .zip file now contains two extra patched to be applies OVER the initial patch. One contains various bugfixes from, the other is an optional patch to make Galuf’s hair consistently ginger. Further details are in the readme.

Changelog is now in the readme.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Final Fantasy V (Japan)
  • (No-Intro version 20130701-030720)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: E937B54FFF99838E2E853697E4F559359AA91FD6
  • ROM/File CRC32: C1BC267D




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

The Trilogy is Complete!

Reviewed By: HARVEST on 09 Jan 2018

Alongside this and Rodimus Primal’s work on Final Fantasy IV and VI (which are Namingway Edition and Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition, respectively), the 16-bit Trilogy of Final Fantasy is finally complete in their ultimate English forms.

My only complaint is that Final Fantasy V: GBA Script Port is pretty rough and not as jam-packed with fixes as the other patches by Rodimus Primal, though I do understand that it’s a very recent project and it’s not made by Rodimus Primal.

But still, this is the best way to play Final Fantasy V in English. And even if Rodimus Primal never had any involvement in it’s actual production, Rodimus Primal himself approved and loved this version, apparently. And with more tweaks and fixes, this patch may even live up to or even exceed Rodimus Primal’s standards.

I love this one.

Just insert it into a flash cart, and you’re good to go.

Version 1.13a Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Incredibly well-done, best of both worlds.tffRH08 Aug 20211.16Yes
Amazing - just noticed one little errorjmoral1430 Jul 20201.15Yes
The only sane way to play FFV for SNESjmd648829 Jul 20201.15Yes
Great, but...Thirteen 135504 Jun 20191.15Yes
The Trilogy is Complete!HARVEST09 Jan 20181.13aYes