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Final Fantasy III Maeson Mix

Hack of Final Fantasy III


Final Fantasy III Maeson Mix is a rom hack of, obviously, Final Fantasy III for the Famicom/NES.

It features a long list of gameplay changes to create a different experience compared with the original title, aiming for a bigger sense of variety and replayability, but without trying to make a different game.

The hack is divided in a series of independent patches (each one focusing in one aspect, like Magic, or Weapons) in an attempt to let players choose which parts of the hack they want to try, make personal combinations or just take that one thing you may be interested in, but there’s a special patch that will install the “standard” version of the hack.

Some of the changes are:

  • Improvement of Black/White/Terrain Magic.
  • Numerous changes in weapons and armor; everything has been touched in some way.
  • Classes have received changes in their base stats and their equipment options, allowing them to have more possibilities.
  • A serious reworking on the underused Steal and Drop mechanics, thanks to the fantastic help of STARWIN.
  • An optional patch (Even Moar HP) to give monsters more HP and altered stats if you feel like it, and I recommend playing with it to make it more interesting.
  • 1.1 Addition: A new path named Magic Expansion that will increase the number of classes that use magic, changing how some classes are played or making others more useful.

It also improves on some equipment’s usability groups and fixes a couple of problems.

There’s also a few simple aesthetic patches to give a different taste to the game, you can mix and match and find a combination you like or revert to the original with ease!

There is a lengthy text file explaining all the changes made to the game, patch by patch. It is very recommended to take a look at it first.

  • 1.2 Changes: Prices, Shops, Bosses, Enemy Drops, and a few things more have been changed around.

You can’t buy the best weapons anymore, some have items not available to purchase before, and some of the prices have changed, mostly spells and equipment.

Most bosses have more HP, and a good chunk of them have altered stats, added elements or status ailments to their attacks.

Enemies now drop early-game equipment during the first part of the game, something that didn’t happen before. Others enemies drop different usable items.

Lastly, I added another optional patch that changes some of the Run Away command quirks. Originally, the game makes your defense and evasion 0 if you try to flee from a battle, making you incredibly weak and can very well mean Game Over unless you have several thousands of HP while fighting weak enemies.

This patch will make you don’t fall under “defenseless status” and get 0 defense.

1.2.2 I’ve fixed the aesthetic patches (Character and Ingame Menu palettes). If you used the ad0220 those optional patches wouldn’t work properly.

Now there is two folders, one contains patches for Japanese/Alex W. Translation, and the other for ad0220 translation.

1.2.3 Addressed a bug in the Magic Expansion patches where characters would start a new game knowing spells they shouldn’t, and now they should work with no problems whatsoever. Also, added images with all the alternate colors for the classes.

The package is also more organized.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (J) [!].nes GOODNES 3.23b
  • MD5 4E9BDCDD1071FF48638A3AA0FDA325FC
  • SHA-1 C4443FC24625E3C2BB859525EB44B6B3A80E7C35
  • CRC32 170163F1




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
KeaHackingOriginal Research & Hacking Notes

User Review Information

From Classic to Masterpiece

Reviewed By: Mother Kojiro on 01 Jan 2018

I love the world of Final Fantasy 3; it has such an enchanting palette and layout. It’s always been a special experience, but I never enjoyed it as much as I did playing Maeson Mix. The only reason I could ever think to play the original anymore is if I wanted to go back to having 2 ninjas and 2 sages at the end. The best thing is that you can pick and mix your changes, so you can customize your experience. If you don’t want to, there’s a convenience patch that just changes everything. I think the best way to review this hack is to go patch by patch.

The magic patch might be the only part of the equation that I didn’t like; it really beefs up the spells. Think about that carefully: it beefs up the spells; not your spells. Yes, they are far more powerful than every, but the problem is that the enemies have very powerful magic, as well, and it’s a little too powerful. I like a challenge in an RPG, but this becomes more like a race to see who can cast the one-hit-kill spell of their choice first. The healing spells are still not great for healing the entire party, either, so it’s still a little lopsided. Geomancy still had too high a failure rate for my liking, but maybe I was just really unlucky. My suggestion would be to beef up the White Magic even more, and maybe split the magic patch between the 3 schools of magic.

The class patch is where this really shines; every class has been rebalanced, so that almost every class is a viable choice. The ninja and sage have been nerfed quite a bit, and while the ninja is still a good choice; it’s not the only choice for a physical class. The fighter was toned down a bit in that he has fewer hits, despite being strong, so other classes can still deal more damage. The knight was nerfed even more, but not long after you get it, you can find the King Sword, which still makes him a good choice. I was especially impressed with the hunter, which I’d never used before, but he does a great job in combat, and the low-level White Magic was a nice bonus. The thief is now great, too; his agility is so high, that despite the inferior strength and weaponry, he was dealing more damage per round than some of my actual heavy hitters. Bards are also not useless anymore! They’re decently strong, but still good as a support class. The biggest improvement, in my opinion, is the viking, who went from being a bumbling brick wall to a full-blown tank; his strength is ridiculous, and he gets some great equipment, too.

The command patch is useful, generally putting commands in a more convenient order. There isn’t a whole lot else to say, other than that having a Fight command for the bard and a Cheer command for the viking were great additions.

I’m combining the weapon and armor patches here, and they’re both great. Armor is greatly improved, and almost every weapon is, as well. The biggest part of this would be the changes in who can equip what. Books are super strong, now, and only the scholar can use them, so he becomes an absolute beast. A similar thing happens to the viking, because the Triton Hammer is now far and away the most powerful weapon in the entire game, and yes, that counts the Shuriken. The Monk and Karateka now actually have time to use their respective weapons, because they’re good enough that they exceed their barefisted abilities. Another neat feature is that the Asura can be used by every single class, so you’re never stuck without the ability to deal with those annoying splitting enemies; white wizards that can dual-wield katanas can be a lot of fun, too. On the other side, the M. Knight and Dragoon are more useful when you get them, because they’ll have available weapons that they can equip. The only weapon that’s really out of whack is the Boomerang, which is super powerful when you get it.

There isn’t much to say about the shop patch, either, other than that it’s nice to be able to buy Fenix Down, and that you can now buy spears without getting stuck in Salonia.

I didn’t play with the default monster HP patch, but I did play with the Even Moar HP patch, and I just want to say how much I love that that is its name! The first time I played Maeson Mix, I thought it was just too easy with the new class stats and ridiculous new weapons, and Even Moar HP does a great job of balancing that out. It makes the game challenging without making it a total slog, where you dread every encounter, just because of what damage sponges the enemies are.

There isn’t too much to discuss about the steal changes patch, but what an improvement! Never before did I have any desire to use a thief, but with this patch, they’re incredibly useful. Unlike later Final Fantasy games, you steal from the drop list, but being able to just stand there and farm items from enemies - some of them legendary weapons, like Excalibur - makes it exciting to have a thief. If you’re going to go this route, however, I’d recommend getting a thief as soon as possible, so that he has the skill to steal some of the better stuff. The added benefit of this patch is that enemies will also drop better stuff.

Finally, the aesthetic patches were a big part of why I checked this out in the first place. You can change the 3 character palettes between the usual red, blue, and green, along with a brand new purple! Most of the choices look just great, and I had a lot of fun customizing my party appearance both times I played. You can also change the battle and regular menu colors to quite a nice variety with and without the gray border.

As a whole, these patches greatly improve the Final Fantasy 3 experience; I found myself using classes and weapons I’d never even dreamt of using before, and as soon as I’d finished my first run, I immediately wanted to play it again! Final Fantasy 3 was a classic, but Maeson Mix elevates it to the level of masterpiece.

Version 1.2.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Whoa!!elmontro4203 Oct 20181.2.3Yes
From Classic to MasterpieceMother Kojiro01 Jan 20181.2.3Yes
So GoodIsralyn12 Nov 20171.2.3Yes
I want to give Maeson a big hug!!icyblue824 Jun 20161.2.2Yes
Should be used by all FF3 Players!magictrufflez09 Jun 20151.1Yes