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Castlevania: The Holy Relics

Hack of Castlevania


An all new Castlevania adventure is here on the NES! New stages, graphics, items, enemies, music and gameplay for Castlevania fans to enjoy.

Select from 5 exciting stages before reaching the final showdown with Lord Ghulash, an evil necromancer terrorizing Transylvania in the wake of Dracula’s defeat. It is up to Simon Belmont to rescue his homeland once again, this time from the perversion of the 7 Holy Relics. Collect all the relics to lift the curse, and use them to your advantage along the way.

For further details, (Story, Gameplay, etc) please consult the read me file.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Castlevania (U) (PRG 1).nes
  • CRC-32:9AB191BC
  • SHA-1:0D6E5910D09CBA12FB8B61123E6F3087A90F503C
  • SHA-256:0BF466EB3819EEE34E41DE076B5C1BF16375D0DE5BA64EDE8ADE6ED599ACCB53
  • MD-5:6768E0F020AECD2809D70BBF8CCE3BE3




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
OptomonHackingProgramming, music, some graphics.
SetzGraphicsBackground and sprite graphics
Bit-BladeGraphicsBackground and sprite graphics
Dr. MarioGraphicsSprite graphics
Boneless IvarGraphicsSprite graphics

User Review Information

What a good night to have a curse.

Reviewed By: PROTOBlues on 31 Dec 2017

On the end of 2007, Optomon released his first completed Castlevania hack: Chorus of Mysteries.

CoM managed to bring a fresh take on Castlevania with a new story and new levels to increase it’s value. Put on some solid music and a fresh graphical style and you have a good hack.

Fast forward 10 years, and we have The Holy Relics, which seems to be the Rockman 4 Minus Infinity of Castlevania.

First of all, the gameplay is drastically different than that of the original. This game features an innovative stage select that enables you to visit any stage in any order, bringing that of Lament of Innocence or Belmonts Revenge to mind.

Here many features of the MSX game make a cameo, including a nonlinear format (keys and doors!)

And of course, the relics themselves. Acting like a sort of passive Mega Man ability, each one is selectable before a stage starts and have varying effects for each one

Optomon’s original music returns here, but the soundtrack is largely made up of remixes! See ya, Vampire Killer! Hello Bloody Tears! All of these gorgeous arrangements are made on the original sound engine, which is a testament to how solid the original one is.

Oh, and forgive me for not discussing the art. The art here probably isn’t what your used to, its more of a glowy pastel take on the traditional Castlevania style. But it works well with the game’s aesthetic.

All in all, Optomon has created a tribute to Castlevania games of old and new, and will definitely keep you coming back for more long after you complete it.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Not Just a Castlevania HackEldrethor03 Dec 20181.0Yes
Outstanding combined with Improved ControlsNesDraug27 Nov 20181.0Yes
Superlative!onepiecefan200714 Mar 20181.0Yes
Interesting Take on the Original Casltevaniabruplex09 Feb 20181.0Yes
What a good night to have a curse.PROTOBlues31 Dec 20171.0Yes
This is really excellentJohnH12 Dec 20171.0Yes
A HEART 3TheShepherd09 Dec 20171.0Yes
Nice Replay ValueSinis09 Dec 20171.0Yes
The best Castlevania hack I have played so farbogaabogaa08 Dec 20170.99Yes
Another MasterpieceSephirous06 Dec 20170.99Yes