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FF6: Is the Best Game Ever

Hack of Final Fantasy III



The game is no longer basically over when you reach the WoR. While no story events have changed, you will need to use the varying areas of difficulty in the World of Ruin to level up and get good enough items until you can finally kill the last boss.

New XP curve, HP curve, MP curve.

Everything has been changed to fit new damage curves, but the essence of many things are the same.

Heroes have new character stats, items stats, and spell stats such that damage, armor, and HP/MP increase in new ways. It will be very hard to reach max damage or HP or MP or armor, etc.

Every monster tweaked or changed. A vast majority of the monster AI has changed. Monsters are tough now, and should demand attention for victory. No more just holding down a button or casting your best spell. If a monster is human, it might have a little gold or items, but if not, the best you’ll get is dried meat.

The only items that have not changed are those that cure ailments. Even then, the prices have changed.

Everything is expensive, and money is hard to get.

Every character has been changed in terms of stats. Relm has X-magic instead of Sketch, and is very feeble. Setzer has Jump instead of Slot, has good defense, can use all armor types, and can use all weapons better than everyone (and DragoonBoots are no longer obtained early in the game, so jump is much rarer). All characters are competitive in terms of usability.

Nothing a player does will instantly kill a monster (except 1 Lore), unless it is petrify.

Hero Magic Spells Removed: Demi, Quartr, Float, Slow, Haste, X-zone

Hero Magic Spells Added: Exalt, Image, Flood, Plague, Sunder (Flare)

Many other spells and abilities have changed, but are not on the hero magic list and are too numerous to mention here (please see the xcel sheet)

All Tools have been tweaked, 2 were removed because they did nothing for the game and couldn’t be edited (Chainsaw and AirAnchor). Tools are almost completely magic based.

Runic is no longer gone after Celes chooses to use a new turn. If Runic is used and has not absorbed a spell, it will continue to be in play and Celes may continue battle as normal.

Blitzes were changed or tweaked. BumRush (now “Chi Strike”) is no longer super powerful because you learn it so early in the WoR. Sabin’s last skill is the most powerful magic spell, but it kills him everytime he casts it. His other attacks are physical.

SwdTech skills were changed or tweaked. Instead of waiting for the slow bar, the selection bar moves faster and upon selecting your attack you may use other players while Cyan prepares his attack, which takes longer based on the selected SwdTech. His early Swdtech is mostly magic, and most of his later skills are physical damage, and it is all offensive.

Much of the lores have been tweaked or changed. Almost every lore is unreflectable/unrunicable. Many have new graphics. There is still one lore spot being unused for now. Roulette was removed.

All of the dance spells have been altered, many of them changed completely, and a good portion of them have new graphics. All dance moves are unreflectable/unrunicable. His most powerful three dances can be found in Darill’s Tomb, the outside of the Ancient Castle, and in Kefka’s Tower.

Terra’s morph is now infinite but she incurs double damage and deals double damage, for physical and magic.

All of the rages have changed. You will be able to find a superior attack/spell in rages at each level of the game. However, at present there is a chunk of the rages mimic their monsters to the point of being a bit boring (no Quasar/Goner rages). For the most part, rages don’t have skills that come from Dance or Lore.

Throw now only ignores row, defense, and has 100% hit. Shadow will now never leave your party randomly at the end of battle.

The colosseum has also changed. Every item wins another item (No Chupon-Elixirs anymore). By betting an item, you will usually be able to win a better item. The top tier items will only be able to be won by betting another top tier item, but almost every item should be winnable.

These relics have been removed: Exp. Egg, sprint shoes, true knight, goggles, runningshoes, fake mustache, gale hairpin, mithril glove, moogle charm, charm bangle, so don’t go looking for them! Most relics have changed, of course.

Slow/Haste effects have been doubled. Reflect is now much more powerful, and does not go away with time, and hard to remove.

Jump has been nerfed, it gives 100% chance to hit and deals +50% damage.

Also, the background music does not change when entering a fight, unless it is a boss.

If you need more info than you could possibly want for this version, I have the excel sheet used to create this game, as well as a supplementary documents for easier reading attached.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (USA).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: A27F1C7A
  • MD5: E986575B98300F721CE27C180264D890
  • SHA-1: 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
  • SHA-256: 0F51B4FCA41B7FD509E4B8F9D543151F68EFA5E97B08493E4B2A0C06F5D8D5E2




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Extremely well designed

Reviewed By: Whispers on 21 Dec 2017

I am reading mixed reviews on this game and have finally played through enough of the game to throw in my 2 cents. Like many people who search for JRPG challenge hacks, I have always really enjoyed the JRPG format but have always found games to be far too easy. Final Fantasy 6 in particular has such a beautiful game engine which has always felt wasted due to game bugs and overall lack of challenge. This game pushes the final fantasy game engine to its absolute limit. all the game mechanics are reworked, items are reworked, encounters are reworked, relics are reworked. The style of the game is well balanced and challenging throughout. you have to constantly think your way through encounters, boss fights, different areas. for most of the game your resources are extremely limited and precious, your money is low and you are forced to think carefully about what to spend it on to help you get through the next section.

I have found that against certain bosses and certain areas I am constantly shuffling around my set ups to get through it, trying different combinations of espers and relics until something clicks. So far there has always been a solution, I have never had to grind for experience to get through a stage. My natural experience progression has been pretty steady as I try to make an effort not to run from too many encounters when pushing through an area, as in my opinion that diminishes the experience when playing a challenge hack. Almost all of the spells that you could previously ignore in the game have become useful, as well as espers, and you have to use everything from silence to sleep in order to clear through many dangerous areas. The aesthetic designs are really refreshing as well, with new spell animations and sounds, and the fact that the over world map music doesn’t end when you get into an encounter. It’s is a tiny little creative element that makes a big difference. I think it’s best not to abuse save states too much, but occasionally you might want to use them before certain boss fights because many of them take several attempts to figure out.

The overall feel of the game is really different from any JPRG I’ve ever played. This hack really shows the depth of a game that can be made in the JRPG engine, and if you are a JRPG enthusiast and wish to try a challenging game then I would definitely recommend this one. I suppose a person could just grind for levels to get through a difficult stage, but the game is balanced in such a way that it isn’t necessary. There is always a solution, though it isn’t always obvious what it is. Currently I am just starting into the WOR, I hope that the game keeps the same feel from here until the end, but from what I’ve seen so far I expect that will be the case.

I am very surprised that a team of people would put so much effort into a game that will probably be enjoyed by a fairly small niche audience. But I’m glad that they did, I for one am a very appreciative player. For the right people this game is definitely a 5/5.

Version 1.27 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Extremely well designedWhispers21 Dec 20171.27Yes
Very difficult, but always a solution.Lockirby203 Feb 2012N/AYes
No Thankyougdoddmeta360803 Jan 2012N/ANo
Really Awesome, Actually DifficultLeonidus09 Feb 2011N/AYes
BGE, WHEHrith07 Feb 2011N/ANo