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Mega Man: Indonesian Artifact

Hack of Mega Man 5


After damaging an Indonesian Artifact while visiting Indonesia, Dr. Wily goes back to his lab and makes something new.

~Enjoy the new adventure (v1.00)

Last Updated in 24 November 2018. See Readme file for change log.

NOTE : I highly recommended using FCEUX or VirtuaNES emulator. In some cases, there’re bugs when handling some enemies’ AI on certain emulators.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Internal checksum: 8A60
  • CRC32: C0FA0464
  • MD5: 544311E104805E926083ACF29EC664DA
  • SHA-1: 057ADA1C641E3E0B3CA34E6E4F4EB1B05A87143A
  • SHA-256: 10ECCC5D2FAB81346DD759F6BE478DCB682EEF981E8D3D662DA176E1F9A996BC




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User Review Information

Masterfully Done

Reviewed By: Mother Kojiro on 14 Dec 2017

Anandastoon is clearly a master of his craft. This hack has all new robot masters, each with their own behaviors and weapons. Yes, they’re loosely based upon the original weapons of Mage Man 5, but everything’s been tweaked here. You can switch weapons on the fly with the Select button, and even though you don’t even need it with that, there’s a built-in Energy Balancer; this is a love letter to Mega Man fans everywhere. Power Stone goes from being one of the most useless weapons in Mega Man history to being one of the best in this hack. Some of them are fairly intricate, too, so be sure to experiment with them. Even Rush Jet has been altered to be more like it is in Mega Man 3, which is always a welcome change. That doesn’t mean that the levels are going to be a cakewalk, though; your skills will be put to the test, and saves are recommended, but the levels aren’t cheap, either. The elements from Mega Man 5 are utilized in a way that makes the original game seem like it’s just a demo; the gravity flips in Puzzle Man’s stage are some of the most brilliant aspects of level design I’ve ever seen in a hack. The disappearing blocks are now faster, so it’s easier to plot a path through them; they’re still challenging, but they don’t make my heart sink every time I hear that noise. You’ll see elements implemented from other Mega Man games, too, and they are equally well done. Some of the later bosses also shift both color and behavior (some change the entire room!) when they reach half health, and there are some enemies that seem like they’re completely new, made from scratch.

Visually, this hack may not be as crazy colorful as some of Anandastoon’s previous work, but there’s plenty here to love. Some stages seem like they don’t borrow tilesets from anywhere, which is impressive. Tune Woman has a section that’s almost entirely darkness and pulsating rainbows, and that color cycling is later used in Frozen Man’s stage for an aurora. Proto Stage 2 has a weird section with the enemies from what would’ve been the jetski section that’s almost like a little parade. Wily Stage 2 has a one-screen section that has a storm, completely with lightning and thunder, just because. My favorite new level is probably Marine Man, which starts out in a peaceful lake with equally soothing music, but lets you go deeper into the dark depths of the water. The music seems all new, too, ranging from sunny and happy to dark and haunting; I didn’t recognize a single song, so they could very well be original compositions… okay, that’s not entirely true; I did recognize the Wily music, and as silly as it should be, it somehow works with Mega Man 5; I don’t know how. If all that’s somehow not enough for you, this even has a new story that’s good for a Mega Man game. This hack impresses in all possible areas, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who likes Mega Man and isn’t afraid of a challenge.

Version 0.94 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Masterfully DoneMother Kojiro14 Dec 20170.94Yes
Great from start to finish!!riffman8115 May 2013N/AYes