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Rockman 3: Burst Chaser

Hack of Mega Man 3


Rockman 3: Burst Chaser is a level & gameplay hack.

Aside from level edited stages, Burst Chaser’s main feature is that Rockman moves faster!

The hack also has modified enemies & Robot Master AI’s. Also, the hack offers ‘new’ music cut from other games as well as from popular animes.

Note that the patch is for Rockman 3 (JP version), NOT Mega Man III.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Rockman 3 - Dr. Wily no Saigo! (J).nes
  • Length: 393232 Bytes (3 Mbit)
  • CRC32: FCE6CEA2
  • MD5: 85944FB5 8B6AFC53 F8D20B8C 1E19A0AB
  • SHA1: E82C532D E36C6A5D EAF08C62 48AEA434 C4D8A85A




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

A Revolution

Reviewed By: Mother Kojiro on 02 Dec 2017

This hack gives Mega Man a nitro boost, increasing his walking, climbing, and even shooting speed. The weapons are just about the same, but the colors are different, and they fly a lot faster. The increased speed requires increased skill, of course, but it flows so very well. The level design is mostly great, but there are a few flubs now and again, like the beginning of Hard Man’s stage, where there’s a jump that’s spaced just so you can’t make it, and have to resort to using Rush Coil. Speaking of Rush, though, there are a few underwater sections, and now, Rush Marine has unlimited fuel, so you can really enjoy it; I sure did! Visually, the levels are neat, but only occasionally did they really jump out at me, like the mint-colored waterfalls in Shadow Man’s stage, and the green sewer in the first Wily Stage. There’s all new music, which does throw in some great tunes, like Man With the Machine Gun from Final Fantasy 8, Flash in the Dark from Mega Man 9, and Eternal Engine of Linguistic Massacre from Valkyrie Profile. Some of the time, I thought that the music was a little too happy, but that’s probably more personal than is fair. The hack really picks up once you hit the Wily stages. This is an impressive hack from an impressive hacker, who put out the even better Rockman 3 - Claw only about 4 months later. Give them both a try!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A RevolutionMother Kojiro02 Dec 20171.0Yes
One of the best MM hacksTimaeus29 Jun 20151.0Yes