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Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Arcade Hack

Hack of Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition


Color and Graphic hack. Title screen, options screen, select, vs, characters, stages…all

New update…now is Hyper Champion Edition.

25 years later of the release of the original Street Fighter 2 SCE on Megadrive, finally the Megadrive achieves the best version!!!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition (U) [f1]
  • CRC32: 90FE09AE
  • MD5: 0755D95E4B5205974C445720947464BB
  • SHA-1: 819877A03FFA75AA9905E30346E2834ECE94AA1D




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Lord HiryuHacking

User Review Information


Reviewed By: Byros on 25 Nov 2017

I tried Lord Hiryu’s ROM hack which is phenomenal, first on an emulator and now on real Genesis hardware using everdrive-md V2 and SEGA’s own magnificent 6 button pad, combined with Stephane Dallongeville’s audio driver patch which fixes the sabotaged & garbled Capcom audio driver, this is how this ROM becomes the best Champion Edition by far.

The color choices that Lord Hiryu uses restore the stages to a much better color quality level, and are truly remarkable take a look at Ryu’s stage and the difference is dramatic vs it’s original form in the Genesis port.

These hacks also prove what has already been said by others, that Capcom internally sabotaged the Genesis/Mega Drive ports of Street Fighter to make the SEGA hardware appear inferior, when in fact it was much more capable.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
not goodTabris66624 Oct 20202.0No
Amazing very goodmikael4306 Oct 20182.0Yes
Here comes a new challenger!star_scream164604 Oct 20182.0Yes
Fantastic!Byros25 Nov 20171.0Yes
Amazing!!!WildWolf2123 Nov 20161.0Yes