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Photo Album Translation

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX


This hack translates previously-untranslated Japanese present in the Photo Album. See the screenshots and the README for more information on what is changed. This comes in two patches: The first one contains just the translated pictures, and the second one removes printer-related overlays so you can see the whole image.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Checksums:
  • CRC-32: 7D07A17B
  • SHA-1: BABC3040E79F7125A022E35DDBCBA0414CDBB0E2
  • SHA-256: 4AE05F3D384298292621576E468FBF60C7C7151AB1F24172FD4791DCF87E76B9
  • MD-5: 4855040E3CDD3AB52CEBFE08589585DD
  • Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (U) (V1.2) [C][!]




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User Review Information

Does what it is supposed to do!

Reviewed By: IAmCaptPlanet on 15 Nov 2017

This is a pretty cool little patch, that is in no way necessary but it’s still fun.

It seems like Nintendo of America forgot to translate a few (very few) screens in this game.

One patch translates them and the other patch removes the HUD that shows up overtop of the photos when you look in your photo book and changes the icons in the photo book to cute little Polaroids.

I’m not really super sure why the separate patches, seems like this should all be in one patch and/or 3 separate patches so you can pick which ones you wanted to change.

Doesn’t end up making a difference though, as I cant understand why anyone would want one without the others.

It seems like QUITE the oversight for NOA to leave Japanese text in the background, but what the hey, NOW IT’S FIXED!

P.S. this hack is compatible with the VWF hack and the Quality of Life hack with one small (very small) glitch.

The photo book menu now reads:

Select: A : A Bu ton

Cancel: B : B Bu ton

where it should just say:

Select: A Button

Cancel: B Button

It’s a very small thing, though. And I still recommend using this patch. The very large HUD overtop of the photos was an eyesore, and it’s cool to get to see the whole photographs. That alone would make the patch worth downloading to me!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Does what it is supposed to do!IAmCaptPlanet15 Nov 20171.0Yes