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Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga's Return

Hack of Super Mario World


Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga’s Return is the author’s attempt at creating a “true” third Super Mario Land game, i.e. a game where the player actually controls Mario. As such, this hack is pretty much a traditional Mario game with a simple plot that takes a backseat to stomping on heads. This hack contains 60 levels spread across 7 Worlds.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ROM Name: Super Mario World (U) (!).smc
  • Checksum: A0DA
  • CRC32: B19ED489
  • Region: US/Canada




User Review Information

Great Hack, some hangups

Reviewed By: pocket on 23 Oct 2017

This is a really fun and straight forward Mario hack with lots of winks and nods to not only Super Mario Land, but other Mario games and even other Nintendo games as well. The graphics are all entirely custom done to look more in line with Super Mario Land 2. The colors are really bright, which might not jive with some, but bright colors are my jam, I almost wish this is how the original SMW looked.

I do have a few major issues. The world 3 boss is super broken. It’s attacks are too fast, there’s distracting graphical errors, and it can teleport around the room instantly with no telegraphing, and will hurt you if you are where it appears. It was also not very clear how to hurt it. I actually had to look up a video, and even that didn’t help much. Someone on SMWCentral mentioned an exploit where it won’t appear in the corners of the rooms, and even knowing that it still felt unbalanced.

My next complaint is with the last world, the introduce a mechanic like the swap blocks from Mario 3D Land, but the block swapping is done by koopas hitting a switch. My issue is that the game is clearly not meant for this, since the buttons can still be triggered when the koopa is off screen so you can fail a jump because you just barely got in range of the off screen switch as the koopa triggered it, or even worse, you see the koopa, and you’re doing the platforming correctly, but then you get in range of a SECOND switch flipping koopa just off screen and he screws up the timing of your current jump. To make matters worse, this gimmick is done a second time with instant death laters in another level and it’s just as broken there. If you have an instant death gimmick, you have to perfect that so it’s fair when the player dies.

Had to abuse a save feature to get through some of those parts, and my rule of thumb is that a game should be able to be enjoyed on real hardware… but realistically, since most people will be playing via emulation anyway, I can still recommend this hack, because when you’re not facing the broken boss of world 3 or the imperfect switch mechanic, this is a great, straight forward and original Mario hack with some good level design.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A worthy sequel ^_^jm10288731 Oct 20171.0Yes
Great Hack, some hangupspocket23 Oct 20171.0Yes
WOWdubyadud25 Jul 20161.0Yes