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Super Mario Kart - The Impala Battles

Hack of Super Mario Kart


Super Mario Kart - The Impala Battles is a hack of Super Mario Kart in which the four battle tracks have been completely changed. Download the patch now for a complete new battle challenge!

Make sure your ROM has a Header!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Kart (USA).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: CD80DB86
  • MD5: 7F25CE5A283D902694C52FB1152FA61A
  • SHA-1: 47E103D8398CF5B7CBB42B95DF3A3C270691163B
  • SHA-256: 2ADA8919688087BE60A6A48CACE8F877ADD60C45D2E5D09E2442FAA55BE62A49




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Ok Impala!Hacking

User Review Information

Needs improvment

Reviewed By: thedarkbanshee on 02 Oct 2017

BATTLE MODE “4 battle tracks changed”

New battle maps! This hack focuses on the four battle tracks being completely changed. Focusing on that while ignoring the racing aspect I would say this was a good effort. I might be biased as I like battle more then racing. Sadly as ambitious as this hack is, it is also heavily lacking. Level design is all new and quite enjoyable. The issue I have with it is the first battle map is slightly hard to maneuver but not game breaking.

GAME BREAKING!!! Many of the question blocks are outside in an unreachable pit unless you have feather. If you get 1 or 2 feathers during play your still not getting all the item blocks. The reason this is a problem is the item blocks do not replenish causing a stale mate game. That destroys the purpose of it being battle and forces a “give up option” for the game to progress. The worst part is this is not the only offender to this issue. The forth battle map also has this problem. The forth battle map is a awesome design with several slowdown points that force strategic play in order to be the victor and yet it needs more question blocks to reset all the blocks.

Annoyances All the maps have blocks in odd places as well that seem to over lap each other and look simply wrong and are also placed where barriers are suppose to be located.

Not all bad Battle map 2 and 3 work just fine. those these two maps are not as fun as the design of the broken maps though they work and work well.

Conclusion If you have epic edit and want to make your own minor adjustments to the maps that do not work right I highly recommend this rom hack. If that is to much trouble for you, steer clear of this one as it will only serve to frustrate and piss you off along with your opponent.

Compatibility PC yes SD2Snes Yes UFO pro8 Yes

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Don't Download!Retrodino911501 Jan 20181.0No
Needs improvmentthedarkbanshee02 Oct 20171.0No