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Super Mario Kart - Shelfall Series 1

Hack of Super Mario Kart


Here is a ROM hack which changes all the tracks in the game to new ones!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Kart (Japan) (Rev 0A) - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: C8002453
  • MD5: F7AFA112D7EC1D532636703E4B02700A
  • SHA-1: CBB853BF911255C1D8EB27CD34FC7855A0DDA218
  • SHA-256: C04F517C2675D7A8F3498D958F097443DFAA0E66606C69C59B58A915B3454973




User Review Information

Great proof of concept

Reviewed By: thedarkbanshee on 02 Oct 2017

This hack had lots of effort put into it. Its got amazing map designs and some are blatant fun. Track designs are wild and the AI works really well. Yet I do not think this should be Recommended if you’re interested in single player. Several maps are really difficult to figure out where you suppose to go. It becomes a cluster of walls all while not knowing where to go as the AI zooms past you which is sad because lots of work goes into the making of the AI and it appears to be a total waste. This is not the case for all the maps and the ones that do not have the confusion flaws work really well. Then you run into a crazy but fun map that sends you flying from a speed boot jump into a hole like golf and it works. There are fun things but it is to screwed up half the time to enjoy it.

I do recommend this hack providing your interested in playing with a friend and choosing maps from a list. Open 150cc from a save file of the original game and choose maps like Star cup first map. Wild fun almost no accelerator required. As fun as this map is again vs only no AI as it will not be beatable for the AI is just to fast for this fun 2 player map.

Thanks Shelfall for these maps. I love the concept here and this encourages me to take this and make it more user friendly.

Battle Mode 2 maps works one of which works well and the other has slight Lakatu issues. The other 2 are broken. One is completely impossible with Lakatu issues and even if it did not have that problem the map is a tiny island that has zero weapons on it. complete waste. The other is a jump bar racing style map that works as long as Lakatu drops you on a proper spot, many of times not doing so and getting stuck and making the map overall unplayable. Again good idea yet it is flat broken. would be great if fixed.

Compatibility PC Yes Sd2Snes Yes UFO pro 8 Yes

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Great proof of conceptthedarkbanshee02 Oct 20171.0No