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CV Dawn of Symphony (Alucard SOTN Hack)

Hack of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


This is a hack that serves as a fanmade sequel to the iconic Symphony of the Night, as such it not only features a brand new story but also features a returning cast of characters such as Richter,Maria,Shaft,Dracula,Succubus, and Alucard. Another it also features is returning items,weapons, and armors from the game as well. There has also be other features carried over from previous Castlevania games such as Maxim Kischine’s legendary Stellar Sword, Dark Pain from the Lords of Shadow series, and the Laser Sword from Curse of Darkness. Another thing that has been added is changes to the majority of the music ingame using various fan favorite tracks from previous CV games such as Bloody Tears,Divine Bloodlines,Dracula’s Castle, Nocturne, and many more, also there has been a there has been changes made to the ingame difficulty to make this metroidvania more challenging for the players since metroidvanias are traditionally rather easy.

V1.1 of the hack features new changes from the previous release such as,

1.Changes to the whip knuckle, mach punch, cestus and poison fist animations.

2.Changes to the Dark Pain weapon and Hrunting weapons actually resembling their respective item icons.


3.Changes to the enemy stats.


ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (U)[!].gba
  • Length: 6623588 Bytes (50 Mbit)
  • CRC32: 384A1899
  • MD5: 2E8598B3 62FD22C6 34933429 0C5123CA
  • SHA1: 8E527F75 B234087F 03E382F9 C40345E5 E4EA699E




User Review Information

Fantastically Challenging

Reviewed By: esharp89 on 31 Jul 2017

I’d played AOS years ago but I found myself needing to look up strategies to bosses I plowed through before. The hackers weren’t kidding when they said they upped the difficultly. I died. A lot. Just touching regular enemies can be a deadly mistake. But it was so satisfying to find the right souls combination to triumph eventually.

All in all I liked the new story. It’s really exciting to play another adventure as Alucard that isn’t just a simple sprite swap. It was interesting to bring back the Succubus, I just wish more was done with her character after (spoilers) paralyzed by Dracula. At that point she needs to die or have more character actions and development. Because she’s kept alive and sleeping I expected her to show up in the Chaos Realm or something. Also I found her scene in the Clocktower after the one in the water realm near the Cemetery, so it didn’t make sense. I didn’t realize that I was sequence breaking.

Some of Soma’s sprites and animations are still in the game (losing Chaos fight, credits), which briefly breaks the illusion of a new game.

The music for the opening Dracula’s Castle is alright, but could use some oomph. Similarly the battle with Richter’s music was ok but could have used some ante.

But these are just minor critiques. This hack everything you could hope for in a hack really. It’s got a new story, it’s got hardtype second-quest style difficulty that pressed my limits as a retro and Castlevania vet, and most of all I couldn’t stop playing until I’d beaten it.

It is my hope that the above critiques are addressed in a future update for the hack and I will gleefully play it again.

ALSO, I’d love to see the same team take on a hack of Dawn of Sorrow as a follow up to the story of Dawn of Symphony. Of course it would need to feature the Dawn of Dignity portrait swaps.

Thanks so much to the whole team for working on this project!

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
And amazing hack!Sayo03 Oct 20171.1Yes
Just awesome.Cuco12 Aug 20171.1Yes
Fantastically Challengingesharp8931 Jul 20171.1Yes
My thoughts so far...Emberson30 Jul 20171.1No
Fantastic!malucard14 Jul 20171.1Yes
Awesome!WebSlinger27 Mar 20171.1Yes