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Castlevania Remix

Hack of Castlevania


Castlevania Remix is a hack of Castlevania which incorporates the use of a few simple tones for the palette in order to create a bit of a sepia/black-and-white quality to the game, which lends itself very well to Castlevania, making it look more like a silver-age era monster film, which is definitely where the idea for Castlevania originated. Some might scoff at the use of a palette like this, but making the graphics look this detailed on the NES with a small set of colors is no small feat.

Besides the graphical changes, the level layouts are also changed, and in some spots it’s a lot more difficult, and in others it’s easier. One thing to watch out for, though, is a distinct lack of hearts, which makes bosses a lot harder to defeat since you will only get off a few shots with your weapons before having to resort to your whip. Oh, and also be on the look-out for camouflaged staircases in a few spots– if you can’t find them, you may find yourself stuck.

Also of interest is that the soundtrack has been rearranged slightly, and in some spots modified–but the sound hacks still need a little work. Perhaps in a future version.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Castlevania (USA).nes - NOINTRO - PRG0 Version
  • CRC32: 39C879BB
  • MD5: 00D93C9F6B8AEFB8B6C02B20147DF4EC
  • SHA-1: A31B8BD5B370A9103343C866F3C2B2998E889341
  • SHA-256: 55BCAB0D9EFC33A9D9EFC90F2C3C4AB12F3221A44B1F357E6C6202A456399AA8




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Decent hack with some issues

Reviewed By: bogaabogaa on 31 Jul 2017

The difficulty of the hack is not too high. There are parts that been easier then the original and some parts give you a good new challenge to overcome.

I like to hear some new tunes and you go with a canon like remix in your hack. There are some sounds mostly in the beginning of the stage music that could use some tuning. Sometimes less is better.

You love your black white theme and I know why you stick to it in almost all the levels. For me I liked your stage tow the best. I think you could had dedicated one color to every stage. It would had helped you to guide the player better. You know set a color for background mood or use it for solid blocks.

The level design is not too bad. Exploring is punishing since you will probably end up in a pit. Did not find much beside the intended path. The candles/secrets remain in the room as in the original but are invisible. It was interesting for me since I know the game a bit.. but for most player this will be just frustrating to find the stuff. If you want to make it more accessible for casual player redraw the candles with some with and gray.

I know people dislike your Frankenstein but I had to laugh so hard there ^^ The Bosses remain the same but the environment make some interesting again.

Thanks for the hack and your time.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Could be betteronepiecefan200716 Aug 20181.0No
Decent hack with some issuesbogaabogaa31 Jul 20171.0Yes
Poor Palette ChoicesMegafield6404 Jun 20151.0No