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SNEStuff is a tool inspired by FuSoYa, byuu, and Ersanio. It contains an address converter like Lunar Address, a ROM expander like Lunar Expand (expansion beyond 4MB is still WIP), an IPS patcher like Lunar IPS, an ASM patcher using xkas v0.06, and a color converter like Ersanio’s HDMA color converter. It can also add or remove ROM headers.

More info here:

This utility will alter patches by adding a $#01 or $#02 byte at the end of the ips file when the “Format and continue” option is selected. This format setting will either add or subtract $200 from the original patch addresses. If you do not want your patch addresses to change it is recommended to select “Continue unformatted” from the options. If you want to remove the formatting from your patch after it has been altered by this utility then you can open it up in a hex editor and remove the $#01 or $#02 after the “EOF” bytes.


User Review Information

Great Patching Program

Reviewed By: pianohombre on 12 Apr 2017

Great patching program. Can create/apply IPS patches for rom backups and add or remove headers. I deleted another patcher I had because this has more functionality.

Noted bug- When you click the “apply patch” button it opens up a dialog box that says “Choose Original rom” but only gives you options to open *.ips files, then the next screen gives you file options of *.smc, etc. The first dialog box is clearly for opening patch files and should display “Choose IPS patch” or “Choose patch”. I saw this on version 1.2.1 (latest version). Minor bug, but also confusing when working with patches. Should be easy to fix.

Version 1.2.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great Patching Programpianohombre12 Apr 20171.2.1Yes